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  • High Quality
  • Internally Voltage Regulated / Reverse Voltage Protected
  • Swept Test Data and Plots Supplied with all amplifiers
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Part NumberStatusFrequency MinFrequency MaxGainGain FlatnessNoise FigureOP1dBDC Voltage SupplyDC Current Draw
PBB-10-218-16-LCAPreliminary2 GHz18 GHz+10 dB typ.±1.75 dB typ.4.0 dB typ.+16 dBm typ.+12 VDC75 mA typ.
PE2-14-1R5G15R5G-20-LCAPreliminary1.5 GHz15.5 GHz14 dB Min.±1.75 dB Max.5.5 dB Max.20 dBm Min.+10 VDC Min.+12 VDC Nominal+15 VDC Max.250 mA max.
PLN-18-12-15-LCAPreliminary1 GHz2 GHz18 dB±1.0 dB1.5 dB Typ15 dBm+12 to +15 VDC65 mA
POB-10-24-10-LCAPreliminary2 GHz4 GHz10 dB±1.0 dB Max4.0 dB10 dBm+12 to +15 VDC75 mA
POB-10-48-10-LCAPreliminary4 GHz8 GHz+10 dB typ.±1.0 dB typ.3.0 dB typ.+10 dBm typ.+12 to +15 VDC75 mA typ.
POB-10-818-8-LCAPreliminary8 GHz18 GHz10 dB±1.5 dB3.0 dB8 dBm+12 to +15 VDC75 mA
POB-15-24-15-LCAPreliminary2 GHz4 GHz15 dB±1.0 dB Max3.5 dB Typ15 dBm+12 to +15 VDC75 mA
POB-15-48-15-LCAPreliminary4 GHz8 GHz15 dB±1.0 dB3.0 dB typ.15 dBm+12 to +15 VDC75 mA typ.
PUB-15-30M20G-20-LCA-OPT2G3GPreliminary2 GHz3 GHz15 dB Typ±1.0 dB Max3.5 dB Typ20 dBm Min+12 to +15 VDC225 mA nominal
PBB-28-220-12-LCAActive2 GHz20 GHz28 dB Typ±2.5 dB Typ3.0 dB Typ12 dBm Typ+12 to +15 VDC150 mA Typ
PE2-14-30M20G-14-LCAPreliminary0.03 GHz20 GHz10 dB min., 16 dB max.±2.5 dB max.10.0 dB max.+12 dBm min.+12 VDC100 mA max.
PLN-17-110-15-LCAActive1 GHz10 GHz17 dB Typ±1.5 dB Max2.0 dB Typ13 dBm Min+12 to +15 VDC65 mA Max
PLN-17-48-15-LCAActive4 GHz8 GHz17 dB±1.25 dB1.75 dB+15 dBm+12 to +15 VDC65 mA
PLN-18-24-15-LCAActive2 GHz4 GHz+18 dB Typ±1.0 dB Typ1.5 dB Typ+15 dBm Typ+12 to +15 VDC65 mA
POB-15-818-13-LCA Rev. AActive8 GHz18 GHz15 dB±1.5 dB3.0 dB13 dBm Min+12 to +15 VDC75 mA
POB-17-24-22-LCAActive2 GHz4 GHz17 dB Typ±1.0 dB3.5 dB Typ+20 dBm Min+22 dBm Typ+12 VDC180 mA
POB-28-48-15-LCAActive4 GHz8 GHz+28 dB±1.25 dB Max3.0 dB+15 dBm+12 to +15 VDC150 mA
POB-28-818-13-LCAActive8 GHz18 GHz28 dB±1.75 dB3.0 dB+13 dBm+12 to +15 VDC150 mA
PUB-14-500M20G-14-LCAActive0.5 GHz20 GHz14 dB Typ±1.75 dB Typ3.0 dB Typ+12 dBm Min+14 dBm Typ+12 to +15 VDC75 mA
PBB-28-218-20-LCAActive2 GHz18 GHz+28 dB typ.±2.5 dB typ.3.0 dB typ.+20 dBm typ. - Measured >20dBm+12 to +15 VDC250 mA max. - Measured 280mA
PLN-32-810-2-LCAActive8 GHz10 GHz+32 dB Typ±1.25 dB Typ0.8 dB Typ+2 dBm Typ - Measured 2dB+12 VDC40 mA Typ - Measured 29mA
POB-15-818-20-LCAActive8 GHz18 GHz+15 dB Typ±1.75 dB Typ3.0 dB Typ+20 dBm Typ+18 dBm Min - Measured 21.6 dB Min+12 to +15 VDC Typ180 mA Typ - Measured 21.6 mA
POB-28-24-15-LCAActive2.0 GHz4.0 GHz28 dB Typ±1.75 dB Typ3.0 dB Typ15 dBm Typ+12 to +15 VDC150 mA Typ
PBB-15-218-20-LCAActive2 GHz18 GHz+15 dB typ.±2.0 dB typ.3.0 dB typ.+18 dBm min., +20 dBm typ.+12 VDC180 mA typ.
POB-16-48-22-LCAActive4 GHz8 GHz16 dB Typ±1.0 dB Typ3.0 dB Typ+20 dBm min. +22 dBm typ. - Measured ›+20 dBm+12 VDC225 mA typ. - Measured 225 mA
PUB-15-500M20G-20-LCAActive0.5 GHz20 GHz15 dB±1.75 dB3.0 dB20 dBm - Measured +20 dBm+12 to +15 VDC225 mA - Measured @ 285 mA
PBB-15-220-12-LCAActive2 GHz20 GHz+15 dB Typ±1.75 dB Typ3.0 dB Typ12 dBm Typ+12 VDC75 mA typ.
POB-15-818-13-LCA Rev.BActive8 GHz18 GHz+15 dB±1.5 dB3.0 dB+13 dBm+12 VDC75 mA
PLN-25-812-10-LCAActive8 GHz12 GHz25 dB Typ±1.0 dB Typ1.8 dB Typ10 dBm Typ - Measured >10dB+12 VDC75 mA Typ - Measured 72mA
PLN-32-68-2-LCAActive6 GHz8 GHz32 dB typ.±1.25 dB typ.1.0 dB typ.+2 dBm typ.+12 to +15 VDC41 mA
PUB-14-30M20G-14-LCAActive0.03 GHz20 GHz14 dB±2.5 dB3.0 dB+14 dBm+12 to +15 VDC75 mA
PBB-20-218-16-LCAActive2 GHz18 GHz20 dB±2.0 dB4.0 dB14 dBm - Measured 15.7 dBm+12 to +15 VDC150 mA - Measured +12 VDC @ 139 mA
PUB-15-30M20G-20-LCA *Active0.03 GHz20 GHz15 dB±2.5 dB3.0 dB20 dBm - Measured 20 dBm+12 to +15 VDC - Measured +12 VDC to +15 VDC @ 188 mA180 mA