Quantic PMI offers the highest quality RF and Microwave, Solid State digital and analog controlled attenuators for commercial, industrial, and military applications.  Choice of attenuation ranges with resolution as low as 0.015 dB and operating frequency ranges up to 50 GHz in Octave, Sub-Octave and Broadband models. Either voltage variable or Digitally Variable programmable versions are available. Quantic PMI’s Attenuators offer the industry’s best attenuation flatness vs. frequency.  


  • Ultra-Broadband Performance
  • High Attenuation Accuracy
  • Low Loss
  • Excellent Frequency Flatness
  • Very Small Packaging
  • Each unit has a unique serial number and date code.
  • Swept Data with each unit
  • Summary data sheet with each unit.

If you do not see exactly what you require on this website, please contact sales@quanticpmi.com because we offer attenuators designed and built to your specifications at catalog prices.

Part NumberStatusFrequency MinFrequency MaxInsertion LossAttenuationControl Type
PVAN-8993-60-SFFActive8.9 GHz9.3 GHz2.7 dB Max60 dB MinVoltage
PCAN-218-10-SFF-HCActive2.0 GHz18.0 GHz5 dB Max10 dB MinCurrent
PVAN-218-10-SFF-HCActive2.0 GHz18.0 GHz5 dB Max10 dB MinVoltage
PCAN-218-10-SFF-LCActive2.0 GHz18.0 GHz5 dB Max10 dB MinCurrent
PVAN-218-10-SFF-LCActive2.0 GHz18.0 GHz5 dB Max10 dB MinVoltage
VVAM-DC2000-100ActiveDC2.4 GHz7 dB Max78 dB - 104 dBVoltage
VCAM-002000-90Active1.37 GHz1.43 GHz7 dB Max80 dB Min, 90 dB TypVoltage
AGTM-2000-90ActiveDC2.4 GHz5.25 dB Max (-40 to +85 °C)75 dB TypVoltage
PVAN-100M300M-20-SFFActive0.1 GHz0.3 GHz1.5 dB Max20 dB Typ, 16 dB MinVoltage
PVVAN-3G3D4G-45-CD-SFFPreliminary3.0 GHz3.4 GHz1.8 dB max.0 to 45 dB ± 5 dB max.Voltage
PDVAT-27G31R5G-50dBPreliminary27 GHz31.5 GHz4 dB50 dBVoltage
PVA-500M18G-60-SFF-OPT2GPreliminary0.5 GHz2 GHz2.5 dB60 dBVoltage
PVVAN-0510-60-MPPreliminary0.5 GHz1 GHz2.0 dB60 dBVoltage
PVVAN-1020-60-MPPreliminary1 GHz2 GHz2.0 dB60 dBVoltage
PVVAN-2040-60-MP-OPT1950-4250Preliminary2 GHz4 GHz2.0 dB60 dBVoltage
PVVAN-2550-60-MPPreliminary2.5 GHz5 GHz2.1 dB60 dBVoltage
PVVAN-26R5G40G-50-CD-1Preliminary26.5 GHz40 GHz10 dB50 dBVoltage
PVVAN-31R8G32R3G-60-CD-1Preliminary31.8 GHz32.2 GHz10 dB60 dBVoltage
PVVAN-5010-60-MPPreliminary5 GHz10 GHz2.7 dB60 dBVoltage
PVAN-500M30G-15-292FFPreliminary0.5 GHz30 GHz5.0 dB15.7 dBVoltage
VVA-1G4G-CD-SFF-1Active1 GHz4 GHz2.0 dB15 dBVoltage
DTA-6380M7440M-60-9BDIFF-SFFActive6.38 GHz7.44 GHz6.5 dB50 dBVoltage
PVA-400M18G-60-SFFPreliminary0.4 GHz18 GHz4.5 dB60 dBVoltage
PVVAN-2040-60-MP *Active2 GHz4 GHz2.0 dB60 dBVoltage
PVVAN-0R4G6G-40-MP-1 *Active0.4 GHz6 GHz2.8 dB40 dBVoltage
PVVAN-8018-60-MP *Active8 GHz18 GHz3.7 dB60 dBVoltage
PVVAN-4080-60-MP *Active4 GHz8 GHz2.5 dB60 dBVoltage
PVVAN-6012-60-MP *Active6 GHz12 GHz2.8 dB60 dBVoltage
PVA-500M18G-60-SFF *Active0.5 GHz18 GHz4.5 dB60 dBVoltage