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Part NumberStatusFrequency MinFrequency MaxOP1dBNoise FigureDC Voltage Supply
PE2-34-1G18G-3R5-20-SFF-VVG-DDPreliminary1.0 GHz18.0 GHz+10 dB Min4.0 dB Typ+12 to +15 VDC
PE2-34-2G18G-3R5-15-SFF-VVG-DD-OPT512Active5.0 GHz (Optimized)
2.0 GHz (Operating)
12.0 GHz (Optimized)
18.0 GHz (Operating)
13 dBm Min3.5dB Max+12 to +15 VDC
PEC-50-0R118-6R5-18-SFF-DVAActive0.1 GHz18.0 GHz+14 dBm typ.6.5 dB typ.+12 to -12 VDC
PSA-22-1416-15-SFFActive14.0 GHz16.0 GHz
10 dB max.+12 VDC
PEC-40-25-218-20-12-SFF-CMOSVGActive2.0 GHz18.0 GHz+20 dB typ.+3.8 dB typ.±15 VDC
PEC-40-25-0R518-20-12-SFF-TTLVGActive0.5 GHz18.0 GHzMax Gain Position: +19 dB Min
Min Gain Position: +17 dB Min
Max Gain Position: +5.0 dB Max*
Min Gain Position: +7.5 dB Max*
* = Above 1.0 GHz
780 mA Max @ +12 V ± 5% Max Gain Position
610 mA Max @ +12 V ± 5% Min Gain Position
PE2-4020-9R510R7-2R5-12-12-SFF-VVGActive9.5 GHz10.7 GHz+12 dBm min.4 dB Typ.+12 to +15 VDC
PEC-4520-12-15-SFF-VVGPreliminary2 GHz18 GHz+16 dBm min.4.5 dB max.+15 V
PE2-34-2G18G-3R5-15-SFF-VVGActive5.5 GHz18 GHz+10 dB min3.0 dB goal, 3.7dB max+12 to +15 VDC
PEC-20-218-16-15-SFF-TTLVGActive2 GHz18 GHz+15 dBm min, +16 dBm typ7.0 dB max.+15 VDC
PE2-34-2G18G-3R5-20-SFF-VVG-DDActive5.5 GHz18 GHz+10 dB min3.0 dB goal, 3.7 dB max.+12 to +15 VDC
PE2-34-2G18G-3R5-15-SFF-VVG-DDActive5.5 GHz18 GHz+10 dB Min (at 0 dB Attenuation) - Measured ›10 dBm3.0 dB goal, 3.7 dB Max (at 0 dB Attenuation) -
Measured 4.00 dB @ 2.0 GHz, 2.69 dB @ 5.5 GHz
+12 to +15 VDC
PEC-40-25-218-21-12-SFF-TTLVGActive2 GHz18 GHzMax Gain Position: +21 dB, Min Gain Position:+20 dBMax Gain Position +3.8 dB, Min Gain Position +6.0 dB780mA Max @12V ±5% Max Gain Position, 610mA Max @ 12V ±5% Min Gain Position