Part NumberStatusFrequency RangeFrequency MinFrequency MaxImpedanceAttenuation Value
PFA-DC18-10dB-SMFPreliminaryDC to 18.0 GHzDC18.0 GHz50 OHMs10 db
PFA-DC18-20dB-SMFPreliminaryDC to 18.0 GHzDC18.0 GHz50 OHMs20 dB
PFA-DC18-30dB-SMFPreliminaryDC to 18.0 GHzDC18.0 GHz50 OHMs30 dB
PFA-DC18-30dB-TNCMFPreliminaryDC TO 18.0 GHzDC GHz18.0 GHz50 OHMs30 dB
PFA-DC3G-100W-NMFPreliminaryDC to 3.0 GHzDC3.0 GHz
40 dB
PFA-DC18-20W-SMFPreliminaryDC to 18.0 GHzDC18.0 GHz
30 dB typ.
PFA-DC2G-3-2W-BNCMFPreliminaryDC to 2.0 GHzDC2.0 GHz50 Ohms3 dB
PFA-DC2G-10-2W-BNCMFPreliminaryDC to 2.0 GHzDC2.0 GHz50 Ohms10 dB
PFA-DC2G-20-2W-BNCMFPreliminaryDC to 2.0 GHzDC2.0 GHz50 Ohms20 dB
PFA-DC2G-6-2W-BNCMFPreliminaryDC to 2.0 GHzDC2.0 GHz50 Ohms6 dB
PFA-DC18G-40-2W-SMFPreliminaryDC To 18.0 GHzDC18 GHz50 O40 dB
PFA-DC3G-10-2W-BNCMFPreliminaryDC To 3.0 GHzDC3 GHz50 O10 dB
PFA-DC3G-15-2W-BNCMFPreliminaryDC To 3.0 GHzDC3 GHz50 O15 dB.
PFA-DC3G-20-2W-BNCMFPreliminaryDC To 3.0 GHzDC3 GHz50 O20 dB
PFA-DC3G-30-2W-BNCMFPreliminaryDC To 3.0 GHzDC3 GHz50 O30 dB
PFA-DC3G-3-2W-BNCMFPreliminaryDC To 3.0 GHzDC3 GHz50 O3 dB
PFA-DC3G-6-2W-BNCMFPreliminaryDC To 3.0 GHzDC3 GHz50 O6 dB
PFA-DC18G-10-2W-SMFActiveDC To 18.0 GHzDC18 GHz50 O10 dB - Measured 10.47 dB
PFA-DC18G-30-2W-SMFActiveDC to 18.0 GHzDC18 GHz50 O30 dB - Measured 30.64 dB
PFA-DC18G-20-2W-SMFActiveDC To 18.0 GHzDC18 GHz50 O20 dB - Measured 20.34 dB