The following listing contains various lumped component filters that PMI has manufactured and produced for many different customers.  This is just a small list which demonstrates our filter design capabilities.

If you do not see exactly what you need, please e-mail your requirement to so we can propose an instant solution.

Part NumberStatusCenter Frequency, FoBandwidthPassband Insertion Loss
BPF-2600M-30DBActive2600 MHz130 MHz typ.8 dB max.
BPF-2971M-30DBActive2971 MHz150 MHz typ.8 dB max.
BPF-3343M-30DBActive3343 MHz150 MHz typ.8 dB max.
BPF-3714M-30DBActive3714 MHz160 MHz typ.10 dB max.
BPF-4457M-30DBActive4457 MHz210 MHz typ.8 dB max.
BPF-4086M-30DBActive4086 MHz210 MHz typ.8 dB max.
BPF-4829M-30DBActive4829 MHz210 MHz typ.8 dB max.
BPF-5200M-30DBActive5200 MHz250 MHz typ.9 dB max.
BPF-1D85G2D7G-850M-SMActive2275 MHz1850 - 2700 MHz3.0 dB MAX
BPF-1G1D85G-850M-SMActive1425 MHz1000 - 1850 MHz2.2 dB MAX
BPF-2D7G3D55G-850M-SMActive3125 MHz2700 - 3550 MHz3.5 dB MAX
BPF-3D55G4D4G-850M-SMActive3975 MHz3550 - 4400 MHz3.2 dB MAX
BPF-3D55G4D4G-850M-SM-2Active3975 MHz3550 - 4400 MHz3.4 dB MAX
BPF-1G4D4G-3400-SFFActive2700 MHz1000 to 4400 MHz2.75 dB MAX
4BP2065-95-CD-PPActive2065 MHz95 MHz min.3 dB
BPF-7400-2000-35-SFF-HYActive7400 MHz(-3 dB) 2000 MHz Min(-1 dB) 5.5 dB Max
4BP2543-150-3A-SSActive2543 MHz150 MHz1.8 dB
5BP30-4-3B-SFFActive30 MHz4 MHz
5BP10-2-3B-SFFActive10 MHz2 MHz
5BP540-100-3B-SSActive540 MHz100 MHz1.8 dB max.
8BP370-160-3B-SFMActive370 MHz160 MHz
10BP300-100-3B-SFFActive300 MHz100 MHz2 dB max.
5BP900-300-2A-PPActive900 MHz ± 5 MHz300 MHz min.Nominal
8BP150-100-3B-SFFActive150 MHz100 MHz2 dB max.
8BP250-100-3B-SFFActive250 MHz100 MHz2 dB max.
BPF-9400-2000-35-SFF-HYActive9400 MHz(-3 dB) 2000 MHz Min(-1 dB) 5 dB Max
8BP350-100-3B-SFFActive350 MHz.100 MHz @ 3dB-2dB Max.
5BP1D25G-1D5G-CS-SFFActive1250 MHz1500 MHz< 1 dB Max
BPF-11400-2000-35-SFF-HYActive11400 MHz(-3 dB) 2000 MHz Min(-1dB) 5 dB Max
BPF-7400-2000-35-SFF-TBActive7400 MHz(-3 dB) 2000 MHz Min(-1 dB) 5.5 dB Max
BPF-5400-2000-35-SFF-HYActive5400 MHz(-3 dB) 2000 MHz Min(-1 dB) 6 dB Max
4BP200-25-2A-PPPreliminary200 MHz25 MHz, +/-5%5 dB nominal
BPF-4G-4G-CD-SFFActive4000 MHz4000 MHz1.0 dB max.
4BP160-40-2A-PPActive160 MHz40 MHz, +/-5%3 dB typ
BP130-10-2A-PPPreliminary130 MHz10 MHz8.0 dB
BP136-10-2A-PPPreliminary136 MHz10 MHz8.0 dB
10BP54-68-3B-SFFPreliminary54 MHz68 MHz0.5 dB
11BP750-500-3A-SFFPreliminary750 MHz500 MHz0.5 dB
2BP1575D42-20-CD-SFFActive1575.42 MHz140 MHz1.8 dB
3BP66D25-10-CD-SFFPreliminary66.25 MHz10 MHz2.25 dB
4BP1271-100-2A-PPPreliminary1271 MHz100 MHz1.8 dB
4BP160-4-2A-PPPreliminary160 MHz4 MHz, ± 5%10.0 dB typ.
4BP2065-95-CD-SFFPreliminary2065 MHz95 MHz3.0 dB
4BP3855-450-2A-PPActive3855 MHz450 MHz1.5 dB
4BP425-50-2B-PPPreliminary425 MHz50 MHz1.1 dB max.
5BP120-6-CD-SFFActive120 MHz6 MHz8.0 dB
5BP1750-500-2A-PPPreliminary1750 MHz500 MHz1.5 dB
5BP1D25G-1D5G-CD-SFFActive1250 MHz1500 MHz1.0 dB
5BP200-50-3B-SFFPreliminary200 MHz50 MHz2.0 dB
5BP213-30-2B-PPPreliminary213 MHz40 MHz1.1 dB
5BP287D85-37D60-3B-SFFPreliminary287.85 MHz37.60 MHz2.5 dB typ.
6BP1000-200-1A-PPPreliminary1000 MHz200 MHz0.8 dB max
6BP2000-500-1A-PPPreliminary2000 MHz500 MHz0.8 dB
6BP87-30-CD-SFFPreliminary87 MHz30 MHz2.0 dB
8BP160-60-3B-SFFPreliminary160 MHz60 MHz2.0 dB
8BP1750-500-3A-SFFActive1750 MHz500 MHz1.5 dB
8BP185-80-3B-SFMPreliminary185 MHz80 MHz2.5 dB
9BP1000-520-CD-PPPreliminary1000 MHz520 MHz2.0 dB
9BP45-15-3B-SFFPreliminary45 MHz15 MHz6.0 dB
BP116-10-2A-PPPreliminary116 MHz10 MHz8.0 dB
BP124-10-2A-PPPreliminary124 MHz10 MHz8.0 dB
BP255-32-CD-SSPreliminary255 MHz32 MHz0.8 dB
BP4G-2G-CD-SFFPreliminary4000 MHz2000 MHz4.0 dB
BP750-300-3B-SSPreliminary750 MHz300 MHz1.5 dB
BP750-50-3B-SSPreliminary750 MHz50 MHz1.5 dB
4BP115-30-3B-SSPreliminary115 MHz30 MHz6.0 dB
4BP160-25-2A-PPActive160 MHz25 MHz5.0 dB
8BP450-100-3B-SFFActive450 MHz100 MHz2.0 dB
8BP750M-CD-SFMActive750 MHz500 MHz2.0 dB Max - Measured 1.76 dB
8BP885-200-3B-SFFPreliminary885 MHz200 MHz2.0 dB max.
8BP925-180-3B-SFFPreliminary925 MHz180 MHz2.0 dB
BP-2G6G-CD-SFFPreliminary4000 MHz4000 MHz1 dB goal, 2 dB max.
BPF-11D825D-1D85G-60DB-SFFActive11825 MHz1850 MHz3 dB Max - Measured 2.9 dB
BPF-14D125G-750M-50DB-SFFActive14125 MHz750 MHz3 dB Max - Measured: 2.2 dB
7BP960-53D4-CD-SFFActive960 MHz53.4 MHz6.0 dB max
10BP2160-93D5-CD-SFFActive2160 MHz Nominal93.5 MHz Nominal10.0 dB Maximum
4BP160-32-2A-PPActive160 MHz32 MHz3.5 dB
9BP5650-730-CD-PPActive5650 MHz730 MHz4.75 dB
5BP60-2-3B-SFFActive60 MHz3.6 MHz4.0 dB
9BP840-52-CD-SFFActive840 MHz Nominal52 MHz Nominal6.0 dB Max
4BP160-50-2A-PPActive160 MHz50 MHz, +/-5%3 dB typ
11BP2280-142D2-CD-SFFActive2080 MHz142.2 MHz3.5 dB
11BP2400-98D4-CD-SFFActive2400 MHz98.4 MHz3.1 dB
9BP1920-115-CD-SFFActive1920 MHz115 MHz3.0 dB
10BP2040-87D6-CD-SFFActive2040 MHz87.6 MHz Typ3 dB Typ
4BP160-10-2A-PPActive160 MHz10 MHz, +/-5%5 dB
4BP160-20-2A-PPActive160 MHz20 MHz, +/-5%5 dB
4BP160-5-2A-PPActive160 MHz, ±0.23 %5 MHz, ±5%10 dB