Quantic PMI is a Leader in EOL & Obsolete Aftermarket Manufacturing

Are you faced with the problem of locating obsolete devices to maintain an older system? Or replacing products from vendors who are no longer available?  Quantic PMI has over 30 years of experience designing products to replace obsolete electronic devices, while meeting or exceeding the original product’s performance. Quantic PMI uses today’s modern technology to build the old, obsolete device while meeting the Form, Fit and Functionality. Full screening services are also available.  If a Source Control Drawing (SCD) is available we can offer a complete solution to meet all the given electrical, mechanical, and environmental specifications.

Specializing in aftermarket technology manufacturing and support for discontinued RF components, electronic circuits, digital circuits and Integrated circuits, Quantic PMI has the technical expertise to manufacture, supply and support these requirements. We are dedicated to assuring our customer base that older discontinued products will continue to be available.

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EOL / Obsolete Products that Quantic PMI supports:

  • IF & RF Log Amplifiers
  • Variable Gain Amplifiers
  • Successive Detection Log Video Amplifiers (SDLVA’S)
  • Bi-Phase Modulators
  • Phase Shifters
  • I & Q Vector Modulators
  • Frequency Discriminators
  • Filters
  • Diplexers & Multiplexers
  • Switch Filter Banks
  • Super Components, Subsystems and Systems
  • SMT Voltage Regulators
  • Digital Circuits
  • TO-8, OP-AMPs
  • PLO's, DRO's, and DTO's
  • Mixers
  • Many Others..........