Quantic PMI Logarithmic Video Amplifiers are designed for an array of industrial and military applications such as phased array radar, passive direction-finding and channelized receivers covering the DC to 70 GHz range with dynamic ranges over 70 dB.  Designed using cutting edge GaAs technology provides exceptional temperature stability; log linearity and frequency response; and stunning performance and reliability. Form, Fit, function options offer extended dynamic range; surface mount or connectorized; digital control; hermetic sealing; and military or space screening to meet your requirements or replace obsolete products.  

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  • DC to 40 GHz Models Available
  • Broadband Frequency Response
  • Excellent Log Linearity
  • Limited IF Output Provided
  • TSS > -68 dBm
  • Fast Log Video Response Time
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Small Size


  • Hermetic Sealing
  • Custom Packages
  • Surface Mount or Connectorized
  • Temperature Compensation
  • AC and DC Coupling Available
  • CW Immunity
  • Matched Sets
  • Military or Space Screening