Quantic PMI offers custom surface mount and QFN packaging for many types of devices, including SDLVAs, Log Amplifiers, Phase Shifters, Attenuators, Switches and Low Noise Amplifiers. PMI also offers multifunction options in a single QFN package such as Limiter/LNA or LNA/Detector. Let Quantic PMI offer you a custom solution to reduce the size of your PCB layout.

If you do not see exactly what you need, please email your requirement to sales@quanticpmi.com so we can propose an instant solution.

Part NumberStatusFrequency MinFrequency MaxLogging RangeVideo Load
SDLVA-100M20G-55-12-SFFActive0.1 GHz20.0 GHz-50 to +5 dBm1 K min.
SDLVA-1G20G-55-12-SFFActive1.0 GHz20.0 GHz-55 to +5 dBm50 Ohm Load
SDLVA-1G20G-58-12-SFFActive1.0 GHz20.0 GHz-54 to +5 dBm1 K Min
SDLVAC-0120-70LM Option 07103Active0.7 GHz1.3 GHz-70 to +8 dBm100 Ohms
SDLVAC-0120-70MActive0.1 GHz2.0 GHz-65 to +5 dBm100 Ohms
SDLVAC-0120-80Active0.3 GHz2 GHz-75 to +5 dBm100 Ohms
SLVAC-0120-70M-LAActive0.13 GHz0.19 GHz-60 to 0 dBm93 Ohms
SDLVAC-0120-70Active0.1 GHz2 GHz-65 to +5 dBm100 Ohms
SDLVAC-0120-70M-YKActive0.3 GHz0.8 GHz-65 to +5 dBm50 Ohms
SLVAC-06135M-A08-LAActive0.6 GHz1.35 GHz-65 to +5 dBm100 Ohms
SLVAC-06135M-MA08Active0.6 GHz1.35 GHz-65 to +5 dBm100 Ohms