Quantic PMI offers a comprehensive portfolio of in-stock high quality digital phase shifters designed for a variety of Aerospace & Defense applications, including satellite communications, beamforming modules, phase cancellation, communications antennas, phased-array radar, phase modulators, frequency up-converters, and test instrumentation.  These models offer up to 360° phase shift, frequency coverage up to 40 GHz, low insertion loss, high phase accuracy, custom packaging or form factor can be supplied (Usually without a NRE charge), Hermetic Sealing, Military or Space Screening.

If you do not see exactly what you need, please e-mail your requirement to sales@quanticpmi.com so we can propose an instant solution.

Part NumberStatusFrequency MinFrequency MaxControl BitsInsertion LossPhase Shift Range
PS-360-2G4R3G1R-6B-SFFPreliminary2.4 GHz3.1 GHz67.5 dB Max360°
PS-360-16G22G-10B-SFFPreliminary16.0 GHz22.0 GHz10-Bit TTL11.5 dB Typ360°
PS-500M2G-360-10BPreliminary0.5 GHz2.0 GHz10-Bit13.0 dB Max360 Degrees
PS-500M2G-10B-SFF-MIL-SMActive0.5 GHz2.0 Ghz10 Bit TTL13 dB Max360° Typ
PS-618-45-12B-SFF OPT1518Preliminary6 GHz18 GHz12 BITS* (CALIBRATED TO 12 BITS, MEASURED TO AT LEAST 11 BIT RESOLUTION)15 dB Max45° NOMINAL (45° - 1 LSB)
PS-618-45-14B-SFF-OPT1518Preliminary6 GHz18 GHz14 Bits15 dB Max45° NOMINAL (45° - 1 LSB)
PS-618-360-14B-SFF OPT1518Preliminary6 GHz18 GHz14 Bits12 dB Max360° NOMINAL (0 TO (360° - 1 LSB))
PS-500M2G-10B-SFF-MILPreliminary0.5 GHz2 GHz10-Bit TTL13 dB Max360° Typ
PS-30M2G-9B-SFFPreliminary0.03 GHz2.0 GHz9 Bit TTL13 dB Max360° Max
PS-30M2G-8B-SFFPreliminary0.03 GHz2.0 GHz8 Bit TTL3 dB Max360° Max
PS-360-DC-3 OPTION 89-15D-10BIT-TSPreliminary8.0 GHz9.0 GHz10-Bit TTL10.0 dB Max, 8 dB Typ360° IN 256 STEPS
PS-360-DC-3 OPTION 618-15D-10BIT-TSPreliminary6 GHz18 GHz10-Bit12.0 dB Max, 10 dB Typ360° in 256 steps
PS-200M4G-12B-SFFActive0.2 GHz4.0 GHz12 BIT TTL10.5 dB Typ360°
PS-2G20G-360-12D-TSPreliminary2.0 GHz20.0 GHz12-Bit TTL20.0 dB Typ360°
PS-85M4G-8B-SFF-ROHSPreliminary0.085 GHz4 GHz8-Bit TTL13 dB max.360° typ
PS-2G18G-360-14D-TS OPT812Preliminary8 GHz12 GHz14 Bits (TTL)18 dB MAX360°
PS-812-360-14B-SFF OPT10D27Active8 GHz12 GHz14 Bits, +3.3 V RS-422 Differential (+5 V Tolerant)12 dB Max360°
PS-360-DC-3 Option 618Active6 GHz18 GHz8-Bit TTL12.0 dBm Maximum, 10 dB Typical360
PS-360-DC-7928A Options 618, 7928APreliminary6 GHz18 GHz8-Bit TTL3 dB typ.360°
PS-200M2G-8B-SFF-OPT480MPreliminary0.46 GHz0.5 GHz8-Bit TTL10.5 dB typ.360
PS-360-3237-10-292FFPreliminary32 GHz37 GHz10-Bit TTL13.0 dB Typ358.59°
PS-2G18G-360-12D-TS-OPT26Preliminary2.0 GHz6.0 GHz12-Bit TTL18.0 dB Max360°
PS-2G18G-360-12D-TS-OPT618Preliminary6.0 GHz18.0 GHz12-Bit TTL18.0 dB Max360°
PS-2G18G-360-12D-TSActive2.0 GHz18.0 GHz12-Bit TTL18.0 dB Max360°
PDPS-510-6-LCPreliminary5 GHz10 GHz6-Bit TTL14dB max180°
PDPS-515G535G-360-2BPreliminary5.15 GHz5.35 GHz2-Bit TTL6.5dB typ270°
PS-100M1200M-9B-SFFActive0.1 GHz1.2 GHz9-Bit TTL13 dB max.360° typ
PS-204-1G2G-8B-SFF-LMPreliminary1 GHz2 GHz8-Bit TTL6.0 dB typ204°
PS-24R3G24R4-360-10BPreliminary24.3 GHz24.4 GHz10-Bit TTL14 dB max.360°
PS-2G18G-360-12DPreliminary2 GHz18 GHz12 Bit TTL18.0 dB Max360°
PS-2G18G-360-16DPreliminary2 GHz18 GHz16 Bit TTL18.0 dB Max360°
PS-2G18G-360-16D-OPT6G18GPreliminary6 GHz18 GHz16 Bit TTL18.0 dB Max360°
PS-2G18G-360-8D-AMPPreliminary2 GHz18 GHz8-Bit TTL4.0 dB max.360° typ
PS-2G18G-360-8D-HTPreliminary2 GHz18 GHz8-Bit TTL18.0 dB max.360° typ
PS-2G6G-8B-SFF-OPT1G1D1GPreliminary1 GHz1.1 GHz8-Bit TTL10.5 dB Typ.360°
PS-360-19D5G20D5G-10B-SFFPreliminary19.5 GHz20.5 GHz10-Bit TTL11.5dB typ360°
PS-360-1G2G-10B-SFFPreliminary1 GHz2 GHz10-Bit TTL5.5dB typ360°
PS-360-2R2G2R3G-6-SFFPreliminary2.2 GHz2.3 GHz6-Bit TTL
PS-360-6G18G-5-SFFPreliminary6 GHz18 GHz5-Bit TTL8.0dB Max348.75°
PS-360-700M1100M-6-SFF-OPT1020Preliminary1.02 GHz1.1 GHz6-Bit TTL7.5 dB goal354.4°
PS-360-7R98R6G-6-SFFPreliminary7.9 GHz8.6 GHz6-Bit TTL
PS-360-900M930M-6-SFFActive0.9 GHz0.93 GHz6-Bit TTL7dB typical354.4°
PS-360-DC-3 OPTION 618-15D-10R712R75Preliminary10.7 GHz12.7 GHz8 Bit TTL12.0 dB Max. 10.0 dB Typ360° in 256 Steps
PS-360-DC-3 OPTION 618-15D-6D25GPreliminary6.25 GHz6.25 GHz8-Bit TTL5dB typ360° typ
PS-360-DC-3 OPTION 713-15DPreliminary7 GHz13 GHz8 Bit TTL12.0 dB Max. 10.0 dB Typ360° in 256 Steps
PS-360-DC-3-OPT6R7G12R8G-15DPreliminary6.7 GHz12.8 GHz8-Bit TTL12.0 dB Max360° typ
PS-360-DC-IR-14G14D5GActive14 GHz14.5 GHz10-Bit TTL11.5dB max.359.65°
PS-360-DC-IR-9D510D5Active9.5 GHz10.5 GHz10-Bit TTL11.5dB max359.65°
PS-360-DC-IR-9G10GActive9 GHz10 GHz10-Bit TTL11.5dB max.359.65°
PS-85M4G-6B-SFF-OPT100M300MPreliminary0.1 GHz0.3 GHz6-Bit TTL13 dB max.360° typ.
PSA-12G14G-10DPreliminary12 GHz14 GHz10-Bit TTL7.0dB max360°
PSD-25R5G27G-360Preliminary25.5 GHz27 GHz8-Bit TTL9.0 dB max.360°
PSDM-25R5G27G-360Preliminary25.5 GHz27 GHz8-Bit TTL12 dB max360°
PSDM-2G18G-360-10BPreliminary2 GHz18 GHz10-Bit TTL14 dB max360°
PS-255-2G18G-8B-SFF-OPT25Preliminary2 GHz5 GHz8-Bit TTL3 dB typ.255°
PS-2G18G-360-8D-OPT4G16GPreliminary4 GHz16 GHz8-Bit TTL18.0 dB Max360°
PS-2G6G-8B-SFF-OPT2R1G4R8GPreliminary2.1 GHz4.8 GHz8-Bit TTL10.5 dB typ.360°
PS-360-2433D5-6-SFF-1Active2.433 GHz2.433 GHz6-Bit TTL5dB Typ360°
PS-360-2832-5-292FFPreliminary28 GHz32 GHz5-Bit TTL12.0 dB Max348.75°
PS-360-DC-1R-810Active8 GHz10 GHz10-Bit TTL11.5 dB Max359.65°
PS-360-DC-3 OPT 618-15D-12BPreliminary6 GHz18 GHz12 Bit TTL12.0dB Max360°
PS-360-DC-IR-9G11GActive9 GHz11 GHz10-Bit TTL8.0 dB typ360°
PS-400M2000M-360-8DActive0.4 GHz2 GHz8-Bit TTL13.0 dB Max360° typ
PS-4G12G-360-12B-SFFPreliminary4 GHz12 GHz12 Bit TTL16dB Max.360° typ
PS-4G6G-10B-SFFPreliminary4 GHz6 GHz10-BIT TTL
PS-500M2G-10B-SFF-EPreliminary0.4 GHz2 GHz10-Bit TTL13dB max360° typ
PS-85M4G-9B-SFF-OPT100M600MPreliminary0.1 GHz0.6 GHz9-Bit TTL13dB max360° typ
PSAT-9G11G-360D-60DB-10DPreliminary9 GHz11 GHz2 x 10-Bit TTL12dB Typ.360°
PSD-25R5G27G-360-OPT25R2527R25Preliminary25.25 GHz27.25 GHz8-Bit TTL9.0 dB max.360°
PDPS-105F-6Active1.5 GHz1.5 GHz6-Bit TTL9.0 dB Max354.2°
PDPS-510-6Preliminary5 GHz10 GHz6-Bit TTL6.5dB Max354.2°
PDPS-5F-6Preliminary5.4 GHz5.9 GHz6-Bit TTL6.5dB Max354.2°
PS-12-360-QQ1470Active1 GHz2 GHz8-Bit TTL6.0 dB Max360° typ
PS-204-1G2G-8B-SFFActive1 GHz2 GHz8-Bit TTL6.0 dB typ204°
PS-2D2G-360-CD-1Active2.17 GHz2.2 GHz9-Bit TTL13dB Typ360°
PS-2G18G-360-16D-TSPreliminary2 GHz18 GHz16-Bit TTL18.0 dB Max360
PS-360-3237-5-292FFActive32 GHz37 GHz5-Bit TTL8.0 dB Max348.75°
PS-360-8D5G11G-8-SFF-LVTActive8.5 GHz11 GHz8-Bit TTL8dB Typ360°
PS-360-90-2-202FActive1.7 GHz2.3 GHz2-Bit TTL5.5 dB360°
PS-360-DC-3-618Active6 GHz18 GHz8-Bit TTL12.0 dB Max358.6°
PS-4G10G-8B-SFFActive4 GHz10 GHz8-Bit TTL10.5 dB typ360°
PS-85M4G-9B-SFF-OPT30M400MPreliminary0.03 GHz0.4 GHz9-Bit TTL13 dB Max.360° typ
PS-360-DC-1 Option 911Active9 GHz11 GHz8-Bit TTL12 dB Max358.6°
PS-500M2G-10B-SFFActive0.5 GHz2 GHz10-Bit TTL13 dB Max360° Typ
PS-504509-360-QQ1470Active5.4 GHz5.9 GHz5-Bit TTL6.0 dB Max360º
PS-255-2G18G-8B-SFFActive2 GHz18 GHz8-Bit TTL18 dB Typ255°
PS-2G18G-360-12D-OPT6G18GActive6 GHz18 GHz12 Bit TTL18.0 dB Max360°
PS-360-8G10G-8-SFF-LVT-15DPreliminary8.0 GHz10.0 GHzPositive Binary 8-Bit LVTTL10 dB Typ, 12 dB Max360° Min
PS-85M4G-8B-SFFActive0.085 GHz4 GHz8-Bit TTL13 dB max.360° typ
PS-12-360-QQ1470 Option 107Active1.7 GHz1.7 GHz8-Bit TTL6.0 dB Max360° Typ
PS-360-2D42D5G-10-CD-SFFActive2.4 GHz2.5 GHz10-Bit TTL4 dB Typ360°
PS-360-8D5G11G-8-SFF-LVT-15D *Active8.5 GHz11 GHz8-Bit TTL10 dB Typi360°
PS-360-DC-3 OPTION 812-15DActive8.0 GHz12.0 GHz8-Bit TTL14 dB Max360° in 256 Steps
PS-200M4G-8B-SFFActive0.2 GHz4 GHz8-Bit TTL10.5 dB Typ360° Typ
PS-3R5G6R5G-10B-SFFActive3.5 GHz6.5 GHz10-BIT TTL
PS-200M2G-8B-SFFActive0.2 GHz2 GHz8-Bit TTL10.5 dB Typ360° Typ
PS-2G18G-360-8D-OPT212Active2 GHz12 GHz8-Bit TTL18.0 dB Max360°
PS-360-2832-5-292FF-OPT10BActive28 GHz32 GHz10-Bit TTL12.5 dB Max359°
PS-85M4G-9B-SFFActive0.085 GHz4 GHz9-Bit TTL13 dB Max360° Typ
PS-2G6G-8B-SFFActive2 GHz6 GHz8-Bit TTL10.5 dB Typ360°
PDPS-3F-6-ALActive2.75 GHz (Functional from 2.3 GHz)3.25 GHz (Functional up to 3.8 GHz)6-Bit TTL9.0 dB Typ354.2°
PS-200M10G-8B-SFFActive0.2 GHz10 GHz8-Bit TTL10.5 dB Typ360° Typ
PS-360-3237-8-292FF *Active32 GHz37 GHz8-Bit TTL13.0 dB Typ358.59°
PS-360-DC-3 OPTION 618-15D *Active6 GHz18 GHz8-Bit TTL12.0 dB Max360° Typ
PS-360-DC-3 OPTION 618-15D-10BITActive6 GHz18 GHz10-Bit TTL12.0 dB Max360° Typ
PS-500M2G-8B-SFF *Active0.5 GHz2 GHz8-Bit TTL13 dB Max360° - Measured 358.6°
PS-2G18G-360-8DActive2 GHz18 GHz8-Bit TTL18.0 dB Max360°
PS-360-8D5G11G-6-SFFPreliminary8.5 GHz11 GHzPositive Binary 6 Bit10 dB typ., 12 dB max.360° min.