PS-500M2G-10B-SFF-MIL Preliminary

PMI model PS-500M2G-10B-SFF-MIL is a 0.5 to 2 GHz digitally controlled analog phase shifter with capability for phase shifting from 0° to 360°. The unit consists of an analog phase shifter and a digital-to-analog converter. Ten logic input lines allow 1024 discrete values of phase.  

Product Specifications

General Parameters:
Status: Preliminary
Frequency Range: 0.5 TO 2 GHz
Frequency Min: 0.5 GHz
Frequency Max: 2 GHz
Control Bits: 10-Bit TTL
Insertion Loss: 13 dB Max
Phase Shift Range: 360° Typ
Amplitude Error: ±1.0 dB Max
Phase Shift Error: ±5° Max
Switching Speed: 500 nsec Max
RF Input Power: 0 dBm Max
Power Supply: +15 VDC @ 250 mA Typ
Size: 4.95" X 3.38" X 1.0"
Weight: 14 oz.
RF Connectors: SMA(F)
Control & Power Connector: 15 Pin Sub-D (male)
Environmental Ratings:
Temperature (Operating): -20°C TO +85°C
Temperature (Storage): -40°C TO +85°C
Humidity: MIL-HDBK-5400
NOTE: Operating Relative Humidity: 90% max. with non-condensation. Non-operating Relative Humidity: 95% max with non-condensation. **Condensation control is implemented by the system.
Shock: MIL-HDBK-5400
Only, Sawtooth wave 20G, 11ms (MIL-STD-810 method 516.5 procedure I ) Altitude : MIL-HDBK-5400 CLASS1 Note: Upper limit of Altitude shall be 10,500ft.
Vibration: MIL-HDBK-5400
Functional test: W1=0.04G^2/Hz, W2=0.03G^2/Hz, Overall=6.86Grms: 0.5Hr x 2times x 3directions. Endurance test: W1=0.04G^2/Hz, W2=0.166G^2/Hz, Overall=15.07Grms: 3Hr x 3directions."