PMI offers Model Number PEC-1D575G-1AFS-SFF. This multi-function, integrated module provides amplification and filtering within the GPS L1 frequency band of 1575.42MHz. Two input channels are switchable to a common output. This product is designed to handle exposure to extreme environmental conditions including airborne and launch rocket environments.

Model NumberFrequency Range (MHz)Small Signal Gain (dB)

Noise Figure (dB)

IP1dB (dBm)

Maximum Input Power (dBm)

Filter Rejection @ 1228 and 1800MHz (dBc)

Minimum Isolation Between Output ports (dB)

Operating Voltage

and Current




Dual RF Input - TTL Switchable

Switching Speed: < 200nsec.

TTL Switch Control

VSWR In / Out: 2.0:1

Operating Temperature: -55 to +85°C

Housing (2.5" x 1.0" x 0.5")

Hermetically Sealed

Other Gain and Output Power Levels Available.

Product Feature

Test Report

Environmental Stress Screening Report