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Frequency Discriminators & IFM

Part NumberAvailabilitySizeFrequency MaxFrequency MinStatus
FD-0518-10-812Buy Now2.00" x 1.82" x 0.50"12 GHz8 GHzActive
DFD-2G18G-5512Buy Now5.98" X 5.79" x 1.28"
(152 mm x 147 mm x 32.5 mm)
18 GHz2 GHzActive


Part NumberAvailabilityInput PowerInput/Output VSWRInsertion LossFrequency MaxFrequency MinStatus
LM-10M18G-16-20W-AL-ROHSBuy Now-10 dBm2.0:1 Max @ -10 dBm Input Power2.0 dB Max @ -10 dBm Input Power18.0 GHz0.01 GHzActive
LM-218-14-200W-SMF *Buy Now1 W CW2.0:1 max.2.0 dB max. @ Pin = -10 dBm18.0 GHz2.0 GHzActive
LM-6G18G-15-10W-SFF *Buy Now10 W CW (Peak)1.8:12.5 dB Typ @ 0 dBm18 GHz6 GHzActive
LM-1G2G-19-200W-SFFBuy Now+53 dBm CW Max (200 W)
+55 dBm Peak 3 µs Pulse, 10% Duty Cycle (320 W)
2:1 max.1.3 dB Max2.0 GHz1.0 GHzActive
LM-218-14-200W-SMF-HERM *Buy Now1 W CW2.0:1 max2.0 dB Maximum18 GHz2 GHzActive
LM-300M1G-21-360W-SFFBuy Now+54 dBm CW Max (250 W)
Peak Power 360 W, Pulse 2 ms, 10% Duty Cycle
2:1 Max
1.0 GHz0.3 GHzActive
LM-10M12G-20-10W-SFFBuy Now+40 dBm CW Max
Peak Power 100 W,
Pulse 1 µs 1% Duty Cycle
2:1 Max2 dB Max12.0 GHz0.01 GHzActive
LM-4G18G-100W-15DBM-SMFBuy Now+50 dBm CW (100W) Max
+60 dBm Peak (1kW) 1% DC, 1us PW
2.0:1 Max (Input)
2.2:1 Max (Output)
@ -10 dBm Input Power
2.5 dB Max @ -10 dBm (-54 °C & +25 °C)
2.6 dB Max @ +10 dBm (+55 °C)
18.0 GHz4.0 GHzActive
LM-0518-10-1W-SHS-1-F *Buy Now1 Watt CW, 100 Watts Peak, 1 µs Pulse,
0.1% Duty Cycle, Derated to 20% at 125 ºC
2.0:1 Max2.0 dB Max, 1.5 dB Typ18 GHz0.5 GHzActive
LM-10M50G-20DBM-1W-24FFBuy Now10 Watts Peak Max (0.02 to 1 GHz)
6 Watts Peak Max (4 GHz to 8 GHz)
4 Watts Peak Max (12 GHz to 18 GHz)
(Pw 1 µs, 1 % Duty Cycle)
2.01 Max0.01 to 18 GHz = 1.50 dB Max
18 to 40 GHz = 2.30 dB Max
40 to 50 GHz = 2.50 dB Max
50.0 GHz0.01 GHzActive
LM-8D5G10D5G-1W-13DBM-SFMBuy Now30 dBm Max (1W CW)1.7:1 Max1.6 dB Max10.5 GHz8.5 GHzActive
LM-10M6G-15-2D5W-SFFBuy Now2.5 W (+34 dBm) CW Max
Peak Power 3 W (+35 dBm),
Pulse 1 µs 1% Duty Cycle
1.8:1 Max2 dB Max6.0 GHz (Usable to 10.0 GHz)0.01 GHzActive
LM-10M9G-100CW-1KWP-SFFBuy Now100 W CW Max, 10 MHz to 8.0 GHz
80 W CW Max at 9.0 GHz
50 W CW Max 10 MHz to 9.0 GHz
All Temperatures: 1 kW Peak (1 µs PW Max, 1% Duty Cycle)
2.0:1 Max (At -10 dBm input)2 dB Typ9.0 GHz0.01 GHzActive
LM-20M80M-10-20WBuy NowCW In-Band 5 to 10 Watts, CW Out of Band 20 Watts max2.0:1 max1.5dB max, 0.5dB typ0.08 GHz0.025 GHzActive
LM-0R1G4G-100W-15DBM-SMFBuy Now+50 dBm CW (100 W) Max
+60 dBm Peak (1 kW) 1% DC, 1 µs PW
2.0:1 Max1.5 dB Max4.0 GHz0.1 GHzActive
LM-50M4G-16-1W-SFFBuy Now1 W (+30 dBm) CW Max (Usable to 4 W Max)
Peak Power 32 W Peak (+45 dBm),
Pulse 1 µs, Duty Cycle 0.1%
1.80:1 Max1.7 dB Max4.0 GHz (Usable to 11.0 GHz)0.05 GHzActive
LM-18G40G-18-1W-292FF *Buy Now1 Watt CW Max2.1:14.0 dB Max40 GHz18 GHzActive
LM-2G4G-15-100W-SFFBuy Now4 W CW Min @ 85°C.
1000 W Peak Min @ 85°C
(1 µs Pulse Width, 0.1% Duty Cycle)
2:1 Max1.5 dB Max4.0 GHz2.0 GHzActive
LM-161605-10W1-HPRBuy Now160W peak, 40W Average17dB typ1.5 dB Max16.5 GHz16 GHzActive
PLA-14D65G15G35G-20DB-SFF-250WBuy Now125 Watts Peak having a pulse width of 40 µs and an average power of 12.5 Watts2.0:1 Max3.59 dB Max15.35 GHz14.65 GHzActive
LM-20M20G-18-20WP-5W-MAH-SMMBuy Now20 W pulsed, 100 µs pulse width, 10% duty cycle & SW CW2.0:1 Max2.5 dB Max20 GHz0.02 GHzActive
LM-6D7G7D9G-30W-SFFBuy Now30 Watts CW Max - See Graph1.5:1 max1.1 dB Max7.9 GHz6.7 GHzActive
LM-10M50G-18DBM-4W-24FFBuy Now20 Watts Max
(Pw 1 µs, 1% Duty Cycle) Tested up to 18 GHz
(Pw 10 µs, 1% Duty Cycle) Tested up to 8 GHz
16 Watts Max at 18 GHz ( Pw 10 µs, 1% Duty Cycle)
2.0:1 Max0.01 to 18 GHz: 1.50 dB Max
18 to 40 GHz: 2.20 dB Max
40 to 50 GHz: 3.40 dB Max
50 GHz0.01 GHzActive
LM-15G17D5G-18-20W-1KWP-SFFBuy Now50 dBm 20% DC, 100 µs PW Max1.5:1 Max1.9 dB Max @ Room Temperature17.5 GHz15 GHzActive
LM-2G8G-13-5W-SFF *Buy Now5 Watts CW Max2.0:1 Max1 dB Typ8 GHz2 GHzActive
LM-10M35G-15DBM-4W-292FFBuy Now25 to 4 Watts CW2.0:11.3 - 4.0 dB35.0 GHz0.01 GHzActive
LM-0518-10-1W-SHS-2-M-1218 *Buy Now100 W (Peak)2.0:1 Max2.0 dB Max, 1.5 dB Typ18 GHz12 GHzActive
LM-10M40G-15DBM-4W-AGALBuy Now4 - 25 Watts2.0:11 to 3.20 dB40 GHz0.01 GHzActive

Gain & Loss Equalizers

Part NumberAvailabilitySizeVSWRMaximum Input PowerFrequency MaxFrequency MinStatus
EQL-26D5G40G-1D5DB-292MFBuy Now1.10" x 0.67" x 0.22"2.0:1 Max0.5 Watts CW40.0 GHz26.5 GHzActive
EQL-DC40-10-292MFBuy Now0.53" x 0.60" x 0.26"1.6:1 Typ / 1.8:1 Max+30 dBm (1W)40 GHzDCActive
EQL-26G40G-+7DB-292FFBuy Now1.10" x 0.67" x 0.22"2.0 :1 Max0.5 W CW40.0 GHz26.0 GHzActive
EQL-DC20-10-SFFBuy Now0.56" x 0.53" x 0.26"1.8:1 Typ
2.0:1 Max
20 GHzDCActive
EQL-17D6G21D6G-2DB-292MFBuy Now1.10" x 0.67" x 0.22"2.0:1 Max - Measured 1.66:10.5 Watts CW21.6 GHz17.6 GHzActive

Integrated MIC / MMIC Assemblies (IMAs)

Part NumberAvailabilityItem No.Product DescriptionStatus
EWDM-6G18G-65-70MVBuy Now51Quantic PMI Model No. EWDM-6G18G-65-70MV is a CW immune EW detector module operating over the 6.0 to 18.0 GHz frequency range. This module features an internal switch used to switch between the "Bit In" and RF In" with input blanking on both ports. In addition, two amplified RF outputs are provided a 7 dB gain channel and a 33 dB gain channel. The video output is designed to drive a 150 ft. cable, while maintaining high speed, and excellent accuracy.Active
PL-ENET-18BIT-0V5V-2X*Buy Now85PMI Model No. PL-ENET-18BIT-0V5V-2X is a Dual Microprocessor Module that can control attached devices I/O control port. It features two Ethernet ports to communicate with the controlling computer, and two 25 pin D-Sub connectors to communicate with the desired device. It features a red LED lit push button switch to toggle power on or off.Active
PEC-1D575G-1AFS-SFFBuy Now76PMI Model No. PEC-1D575G-1AFS-SFF is a multi-function, integrated module provides amplification and filtering within the GPS L1 frequency band of 1575.42MHz. Two input channels are switchable to a common output. This product is designed to handle exposure to extreme environmental conditions including airborne and launch rocket environments.Active
PMOD-IFCPL-60M-AMP-3UBuy Now45Quantic PMI Model No. PMOD-IFCPL-60M-AMP-3U is an IF Coupler Module mounted on a compatible 3U Open VPX form factor. The module has a 60 MHz operating frequency and provides an IF TEST and 3 RF inputs to 3 output ports.Active
PEC-20M3G-8T-SFGM-LVBuy Now11Quantic PMI has designed and manufactured various switch matrix assemblies by using Quantic PMI standard or custom Solid-State Switches and power dividers all assembled into a single integrated module.  Model PEC-20M3G-8T-SFGM-LV is comprised of three SP8T Non-reflective Switch Modules (PEC-20M3G-8T-SFGM-LV) that operate over the 20 MHz to 3.0 GHz Frequency Range.Active
RFFD-618-730049Buy Now79Quantic PMI Model RFFD-618-730049 is a 6 to 18 GHz low pass filter combined with a Schottky Biased Detector including a reverse voltage protection diode. A duplicate detector and protection diode is included for DC offset voltage compensation.Active
PL-MCU-ENET-TTL-MAH*Buy Now38PMI Model No. PL-MCU-ENET-TTL-MAH is an Ethernet Microcontroller Test Box which allows for an ethernet command to be sent up to 18 paralell TTL output bits. This controller can be used with may PMI products that required paralell digital commands, such as switches, attenuators, phase shifters and IQ Modulators.Active
PEC-18-2D35G-1R75-9-SFF-BPF-HS-LMBuy Now73Quantic PMI Model PEC-18-2D35G-1R75-9-SFF-BPF-HS-LM is an integrated module combining an input limiter, low noise amplifier, band pass filter, RF blanking switch and limiting output stage. The frequency passed is 2350 MHz with a 1dB bandwidth of 150 MHz. This model has a typical gain of 18 dB. The output power is limited to +2dBm maximum while the input can handle up to +30dBm CW.Active
PSL-13D414D2-CD-PPBuy Now28PMI Model Number PSL-13D414D2-CD-PP is a switch limiter operating in the 13.4 to 14.2 GHz frequency range. A +10 mA bias will turn the switch off while a -10 mA bias will turn the switch into the insertion loss state. The integrated limiter will handle 20 W having a 2 µs pulse width.Active

Monopulse Comparators

Part NumberAvailabilityIsolationInsertion LossPhase BalanceFrequency MaxFrequency MinStatus
PMC-33D5-6D8-SFFBuy Now23 dB Min0.8 dB Typ (If input signals at ports A, B, C and D are equal Amplitude or Power and Inphase with an output at Port AZS)
6.8 dB Max (If input signals at port A, B, C, or D and all other ports are terminated to 50 Ohms with an output at ports EL?, AZ, AQ, or AZ?)
±53.5 GHz3.0 GHzActive
PMC-24-7D5-SFFBuy Now18 dB Min0.8 dB Max (If input signals at ports A, B, C and D are equal Amplitude or Power & Inphase with an output at Port AZS)
7.5 dB Max (If input signals at port A, B, C, or D and all other ports are terminated to 50 Ohms with an output at ports EL?, AZS, AQ, or AZ?
±10°4.0 GHz2.0 GHzActive
PMC-16G17G-SMABuy Now18 dB Min2.6 dB Max±10° Max17 GHz16 GHzActive
PD-CD-001-1Buy Now20 dB Min, 30 dB Typ8.0 dB Max±7.0° Max - Measured 4°9.9 GHz9.3 GHzActive
PMC-9D5G10D1G-7D6-SFFBuy Now20 dB Min7.6 dB Max±5° Max10.1 GHz9.5 GHzActive
PMC-4G6G-SFFBuy Now18 dB Min1.0 dB Max±8° Max6 GHz4 GHzActive
PMC-33D7-6D8-SFFBuy Now24 dB Min0.8 dB Max (If input signals at ports A, B, C and D are equal Amplitude or Power & Inphase with an output at Port AZS)
6.8 dB Max (If input signals at port A, B, C, or D and all other ports are terminated to 50 Ohms with an output at ports, Ports EL Delta, AZ Sigma, AQ or AZ Delta)
±7°3.7 GHz3.0 GHzActive

Power Dividers / Combiners

Part NumberAvailabilityInsertion LossIsolationFrequency MaxFrequency MinTypeStatus
APD-2-2G18G-GCBuy Now0.5 dB Max (**Theoretical insertion loss of a 2-Way Power Divider is 3 dB)20 dB Min18 GHz2 GHz2-WayActive
APD-4-800M2D5G-SFF-30WBuy Now0.7 dB20 dB Min2.5 GHz0.8 GHz4-WayActive
APD-4-122-292FFBuy Now3.0 dB Max (1.0 to 18.0 GHz)
3.5 dB Max (18.0 to 22.0 GHz)
12 dB Typ (1.0 to 2.0 GHz)
18 dB Typ (2.0 to 22.0 GHz)
22.0 GHz1.0 GHz4-WayActive
APD-8-3D13D5-40W-SFFBuy Now0.6 dB max.23 dB min.3.5 GHz3.1 GHz8-WayActive
APD-8-800M2D5G-SFF-30W *Buy Now<=1.2 dB20 dB Min2.5 GHz0.8 GHz8-WayActive
APD-8-500M2G-SFF-30WBuy Now<=1.5 dB20 dB Min2 GHz0.5 GHz8-WayActive
APD-2-0D82D2-SFF-30WBuy Now0.5 dB Max (Above 3.01 dB Split)22 dB Min2.2 GHz0.8 GHz2-WayActive
APD-8-10M-12VBuy Now4 dB ± 1.5 dB Max25 dB Typ0.01 GHz0.01 GHz8-WayActive
APD-3-800M2D5G-NFF-50W *Buy Now<=0.6 dB20 dB Min2.5 GHz0.8 GHz3-WayActive
APD-4-500M2G-SFF-30W *Buy Now<=1.0 dB20 dB Min2 GHz0.5 GHz4-WayActive
APD-2-3R6G5G-NFFBuy Now0.3 dB Max
5.0 GHz3.6 GHz2-WayActive
APD-4-218-LC-2Buy Now2.0 dB Max (Above 6.02 dB Split)16 dB min.18 GHz2 GHz4-WayActive
APD-2-218-M-BBBuy Now2.2 dB Max16 dB Typ18 GHz2 GHz2-WayActive
APD-2-500M2G-SFF-30W *Buy Now0.5 dB20 dB Min2 GHz0.5 GHz2-WayActive
APD-2-192212-SFFBuy Now1.0 dB (Above 3.01 dB Split) Max20 dB Min21.2 GHz19.2 GHz2-WayActive
APD-2-800M2D5G-NFF-50W *Buy Now<=0.4 dB22 dB Min2.5 GHz0.8 GHz2-WayActive
RFOC-811-QRC-2-PDBuy Now0.6 dB Max18 dB Min13 GHz6 GHz2-WayActive
APD-8-100M-28VBuy Now4 dB ±1.5 dB Max25 dB Typ0.1 GHz0.1 GHz8-WayActive

Switch Filter Banks

Part NumberAvailabilityDC Current (mA)DC VoltageControl TypeSwitching SpeedInsertion LossFrequency MaxFrequency MinNo of Filter ChannelsStatus
2SFB3000-6G-CD-SFFBuy Now70 mA+5 VDC
-5 VDC
CMOS50 ms7 dB6.0 GHz0.5 GHz2Active
6SFB-30M600M-CD-SFFBuy Now300 mA Typ/50 mA Typ+15 V/-15 VTTL, "0" = On, "1" = Off500 ns Typ4.0 dB Typ, 4.5 dB Max0.6 GHz0.03 GHz6Active
2SFB-8G26G-CD-SFF Rev CBuy Now100 mA Max+5 V ± 5%TTL/CMOS100 ns5.5 dB26.5 GHz8.0 GHz2Active

Power Amplifiers

Part NumberAvailabilityDC Supply VoltageGainSaturation Output PowerInput PowerFrequency RangeStatus
PEC-15-400M470M-37-12V-SFFBuy Now+11.5 V Min, +12 V Typ, +13 V Max10 dB Min, 15 dB Typ
+25 dBm Max0.4 to 0.47 GHzActive

Ultra-Broadband Low Noise Amplifiers

Part NumberAvailabilityOP1dBDC Current DrawDC Voltage SupplyNoise FigureGainFrequency MaxFrequency MinStatus
PE2-15-30M26R5-5R5-18-12-SFF*Buy Now16 dBm MinMeasured 250 mA+12 to +15 VDC @ 230 mA5.5 dB Typ15 dB Typ26.5 GHz0.03 GHzActive
PEC3-40-30M26R5G-6R0-12-12-SFF Rev. BBuy Now+12 dBm Typ
+11 dB Min
400 mA Max+12 to 15 VDC6.0 dB Typ
7.5 dB Max
35 dB Min26.5 GHz0.03 GHzActive
PLNA-30-10M20-292FFBuy Now+14 dBm Typ (10 MHz to 18.0 GHz)
+13 dBm Typ (18.0 to 20.0 GHz)
120 mA Max+5 VDC3.0 dB Typ (20 MHz to 0.5 GHz)
2.5 dB Typ (0.5 to 18.0 GHz)
3.3 dB Typ (18.0 to 20.0 GHz)
+26 dB Min (10 MHz to 18.0 GHz)
+28 dB Min (18.0 to 20.0 GHz)
20.0 GHz0.01 GHzActive
PEC-60-10K40M-3R5-14-12-SFFBuy Now14dBm min.225mA max.+12 to +153.5 dB typ.60 dB typ.0.04 GHz0.001 GHzActive

Broadband & Multioctave Amplifiers

Part NumberAvailabilityDC Current DrawDC Voltage SupplyOP1dBNoise FigureGainFrequency MaxFrequency MinStatus
PEC-100M18-30-4D5-20-15-SFFBuy Now450 mA typ.+15 VDC+20 dBm MIN4.5 dB MAX(not guaranteed below 700 MHz)30 dB MIN18 GHz0.1 GHzActive
PE2-45-6G18G-4R5-24-12-SFFBuy Now600 mA Typ+12 to +15 VDC24 dBm Min4.5 dB Typ44 dB Min / 47 dB Max18.0 GHz6.0 GHzActive
PE2-30-6R018R0-3R5-22-12-SFFBuy Now325 mA Max+12 to +15 VDC+18.5 dBm Min5.0 dB Max30 dB Typ18.0 GHz6.0 GHzActive
PE2-35-1G13G-2R5-10-12-SFFBuy Now250 mA max.+12 VDC @ 250 mA max.12 dBm min. - Measured 15 dBm min.2.5 dB max.35 dB min.13 GHz1 GHzActive
PE2-15-2R018R0-4R5-22-12-SFFBuy Now225 mA max. - Measured 209 mA+12 to +1522 dBm min. - Measured >= +20 dBm4.5 dB typ.15 dB typ.18 GHz2 GHzActive
PEC-36-2G18G-4R5-27-15-SFFBuy Now850 mA Nom+15V DC+26.5 dBm Min,
+27.5 dBm Typ
4.5 dB Typ, 5.0 dB Max36 dB Typ18 GHz2 GHzActive
PE2-35-8G12G-2R5-15-12-SFFBuy Now250 mA Max+12 to +15 VDC+15 dBm Min2.5 dB Max30 dB Min12.0 GHz8.0 GHzActive

Half-Octave & Octave Band LNA's

Part NumberAvailabilityOP1dBDC Current DrawDC Voltage SupplyNoise FigureGain FlatnessGainFrequency MaxFrequency MinStatus
PEC-30-24G40G-4R0-24-292FFBuy Now24 dBm Min - Measured +17 dB @ 24.0 GHz +21 dB @ 32.0 GHz +18 dB @ 40.0 GHz650 mA nominal - Measured 400 mA+8 VDC6.0 dB Max - Measured 0 dB±1.5 dB Typ30 dB Typ40 GHz24 GHzActive


Part NumberAvailabilityGain Flatness (±dB)Gain (dB)Frequency MaxFrequency MinFrequency Range (MHz)Status
PEC-26-1G2G-3R0-25-15-SFFBuy Now1 dB26 dB2000 MHz1000 MHz1000 - 2000 MHzActive

Limiting Amplifiers

Part NumberAvailabilityDC Current DrawDC Voltage SupplyOutput PowerNoise FigureInput VSWRInput PowerFrequency MaxFrequency MinStatus
PEC-85-0R32R5-15LM-12-SFFBuy Now485 mA Typ12 VDC+15 dBm ±2.5 dBm5.0 dB Typ - Measured 4.44 dB2.0:1 Max Output 1.78:1-65 to +10 dBm (Limiting)2.5 GHz0.3 GHzActive
PEC3-40-2G6G-15LM-SFF-HSBuy Now350 mA Max10.8 to +13.2 VDC+15 dBm Min5.5 dB Max @ +25 ºC,
6.0 dB Max @ +85C
2.0:1 Max-15 to +17 dBm6.25 GHz1.85 GHzActive
PEC2-2G18G-21DBM-LM-SFFBuy Now700 mA Max - Measured 567 mA15 VDC+21.0 dBm to +25 dBm Nom -
Measured -21.33 dBm Min, to 27.32 dBm Max
5 dB Max - Measured 4.26 dB2.0:1 Max-45 to +10 dBm CW18 GHz2 GHzActive
PEC-60-160M-40M-7-13-1515-SFFFBuy Now33 mA, 40 mA+15 VDC
-15 VDC
+13 dBm Min7 dB Max1.5:1 Max
0.18 GHz0.14 GHzActive

Low Cost Amplifiers

Part NumberAvailabilityDC Current DrawDC Voltage SupplyOP1dBNoise FigureGain FlatnessGainFrequency MaxFrequency MinStatus
PLN-32-68-2-LCABuy Now41 mA+12 to +15 VDC+2 dBm typ.1.0 dB typ.±1.25 dB typ.32 dB typ.8 GHz6 GHzActive
PBB-20-218-16-LCABuy Now150 mA - Measured +12 VDC @ 139 mA+12 to +15 VDC14 dBm - Measured 15.7 dBm4.0 dB±2.0 dB20 dB18 GHz2 GHzActive
PUB-15-500M20G-20-LCABuy Now225 mA - Measured @ 285 mA+12 to +15 VDC20 dBm - Measured +20 dBm3.0 dB±1.75 dB15 dB20 GHz0.5 GHzActive
PUB-15-30M20G-20-LCA *Buy Now180 mA+12 to +15 VDC - Measured +12 to +15 VDC @ 188 mA20 dBm - Measured 20 dBm3.0 dB±2.5 dB15 dB20 GHz0.03 GHzActive
PLN-25-812-10-LCABuy Now75 mA Typ - Measured 72mA+12 VDC10 dBm Typ - Measured >10dB1.8 dB Typ±1.0 dB Typ25 dB Typ12 GHz8 GHzActive

Narrow Band LNA's

Part NumberAvailabilityDC Current DrawDC VoltageOP1dBNoise FigureGain FlatnessGainFrequency MaxFrequency MinStatus
PE2-30-7R08R0-1R0-2-12-SFFBuy Now25 mA max+12 to +152 dBm min.1.0 dB typ.±0.5dB max.30 dB typ.8 GHz7 GHzActive
PA-25002700-35-CD-SFFBuy Now2500 mA typ., 3000 mA max.+11.5 V to 13.0 V+35 dBm min., +36 dBm typ.5.0 dB typ., 8.0 dB max.±0.5 dB typ., ±0.75 dB max31.5 dB min., 34.5 dB max.2.700 GHz2.500 GHzActive
LNA-19-8M12M-3D0-20-12-SFFBuy Now150 mA typ.+12 VDC20 dBm Min. - Measured 23.04 dBm4.5 dB Max. - Measured 2.77 dB
19 dB Min. 20 dB Typ.0.012 GHz0.008 GHzActive
APT3-03100350-0807-D5SBuy Now150 mA nominal+15 VDC+7.6 dBm min.0.8 dB max.±0.2 dB (Over any 40 MHz Segment)28 ± 0.6 dB3.5 GHz3.1 GHzActive

Test Bench & Lab Use Amplifiers

Part NumberAvailabilityDC Voltage SupplyAC Voltage SupplyOP1dBNoise FigureGain FlatnessGainFrequency MaxFrequency MinStatus
PTB-30-7G9G-5R0-20-120-240-VAC-SFFBuy NowN/A120-240 VAC, 47-63 Hz, 15 W Max
Supplied with fuse and 6 foot power cord
+20 dBm Min5.0 dB Max±1.5 dB Typ+30 dB Nom9.0 GHz7.0 GHzActive
PTB-42-1G40G-12-292FF-DC12 *Buy Now+12 VDC - Measured +12 VDC120 VAC - Measured 120 VAC+22 dBm Typ (1-18 GHz) - Measured +21.5 dBm Max, +19.5 dBm Min.
+18 dBm Typ (18-40 GHz) - Measured +21 dBm Max, +16 dBm Min
5.0 dB Typ mid-band - Measured 4.64 dB±2.5 dB Typ40 dB Typ40 GHz1 GHzActive
PTB-30-2040-5R0-10-220VAC-292FF *Buy NowN/A220 to 230 VAC+10 dBm Min5.0 dB Typ±2.0 dB Max+30 dB Typ40 GHz20 GHzActive
PTB-60-120-5R0-10-220VAC-SFF *Buy NowN/A220 to 230 VAC+10 dBm min. - Measured +13 dBm5.0 dB typ. - Measured 4.7 dB±3.0 dB max+60 dB typ20 GHz1 GHzActive
PEC-50-0R118-6R5-18-120VAC-1U-SFF *Buy NowN/A120 VAC, 50/60 Hz+14 dB Typ6.5 dB Typ±2.0 dB (Up to 55 dB Attenuation)50 dB Min18.0 GHz0.1 GHzActive
PTB-60-120-5R0-10-115VAC-SFFBuy NowN/A115 VAC, 60 Hz+10dBm Min.5.0dB Max.±3.0dB Typ.+60dB Typ.20 GHz1 GHzActive

Digitally Controlled Attenuators

Part NumberAvailabilityDigital ControlAttenuation RangeInsertion LossFrequency MaxFrequency MinStatus
DTA-0R5G18G-60-CD-4Buy Now10 Bit60 dB4.8 dB Max18 GHz0.5 GHzActive
DTA-18G40G-30-CD-2 *Buy Now10 Bit30 dB6.0 dB Typ40 GHz18 GHzActive
DTA-0R5G18G-60-CD-1 *Buy Now10 Bit60 dB4.8 dB Max18 GHz0.5 GHzActive
DTA-30M6G-60-CD-1 *Buy Now8-BIT Binary TTL60 dB4.0 dB Max6 GHz0.03 GHzActive
PDVAT-0518-60-8-93-10M18Buy Now8 Bit TTL 0.25 dB Min Attenuation Step
5.25 dB Max18 GHz0.01 GHzActive
DTA-100M40G-30-CD-1 *Buy Now5 Bit30 dB5.0 dB Typ40 GHz0.1 GHzActive
PEC-7R720R3-15-SFF-SABuy Now
4.0 dB max20.3 GHz7.7 GHzActive
PSAT-2500-11B-CD-1Buy Now11 Bit60 dB Min10 dB Max2.61 GHz2.39 GHzActive
30 dB ±1.0 dB1.1 dB max.3.5 GHz3.1 GHzActive
SBA-400M1400M-63DB-6B-SFFBuy Now6 Bit0 to 63 dB6.0 dB Max1.4 GHz0.4 GHzActive
DTA-22G28G-50-CD-1Buy Now11 Bit1 to 51.175 dB2.2 dB Max27.5 GHz22.5 GHzActive
DTA-100M18G-30-CD-1 *Buy Now5 Bit30 dB5.0 dB Typ18 GHz0.1 GHzActive

Analog Controlled Attenuators

Part NumberAvailabilityControl TypeAttenuationInsertion LossFrequency MaxFrequency MinStatus
PVVAN-4080-60-MP *Buy NowVoltage60 dB2.5 dB8 GHz4 GHzActive
PVA-500M18G-60-SFF *Buy NowVoltage60 dB4.5 dB18 GHz0.5 GHzActive
PVVAN-8018-60-MP *Buy NowVoltage60 dB3.7 dB18 GHz8 GHzActive
PVVAN-6012-60-MP *Buy NowVoltage60 dB2.8 dB12 GHz6 GHzActive
PVVAN-2040-60-MP *Buy NowVoltage60 dB2.0 dB4 GHz2 GHzActive

Connectorized (DLVAs, ERDLVAs, SDLVAs)

Part NumberAvailabilityLog RangeLog SlopeSizeTSSFrequency MaxFrequency MinFrequency RangeStatusType
DLVA-6G18G-50 *Buy Now-70 to 0 dBm25 mV/dB (±10%) - Measured 25 mV/dB3.2 " x 2.05 " x 0.4"-72 dB Min18 GHz6 GHz6.0 to 18.0 GHzActiveDLVA
PLVA-218-50-9G10GBuy Now-40dBm to +0dBm (Useful Range up to +5dBm)50mV/dB2.20" x 1.50" x 0.40"-42dBm min.10 GHz9 GHz9.0 to 10.0 GHzActiveDLVA
DLVA-Y7Y13R5-50-60MVBuy Now
SDLVA-0R71R3-75-CD-1Buy Now-70 dBm40 mV/dB Nom3.75" x 1.50" x 0.50"-70 dBm Typ1.3 GHz0.7 GHz0.7 to 1.3 GHzActiveSDLVA
DLVA-6D5G18G-70-JMAKG2Buy Now-70 to 0 dBm25 mV/dB (±10%) @ 50 Ohm Load3.2 " x 2.05 " x 0.4"-72 dB Min18 GHz6.5 GHz6.5 to 18.0 GHzActiveDLVA
SDLVA-8G18G-70dB-100RBuy Now-70 to 0 dBm25 mV/ dB typ. 100 Ohm Load - Measured 25.1 mV/dB3.2" x 1.8" x 0.4-73 dB typ., -71 dB max.18 GHz8 GHz8.0 GHz to 18.0 GHzActiveSDLVA
CVR-FXF6-50-CWBuy Now
SDLVA-2G6G-70-CD-1 *Buy Now-70 dBm40 mV/dB Nom3.75" x 1.50" x 0.50"
6 GHz2 GHz2.0 to 6.0 GHzActiveSDLVA
PLVA-218-50-618 *Buy Now-40 dBm to +0 dBm (Useful Range up to +5 dBm)50 mV/dB - Measured 50.6 mV/dB2.20" x 1.50" x 0.40"-40 dBm Min18 GHz6 GHz6.0 to 18.0 GHzActiveDLVA
SDLVA-100M3G-70-MAHBuy Now-65 to +5 dBm Min10mV/dB into a 50 ohm Load (±1mV) Max2.30" x 2.20" x 0.36"-68 dBm Min, -70 dBm Typ3 GHz0.1 GHz0.1 to 3.0 GHzActiveSDLVA
SDLVA-2020-70-OPT218-A03-A07-50OHMBuy Now-65 dBm to +5 dBm20 mV/dB (±10% Tolerance)3.00" x 3.5" x 0.5"-65 dBm Min (8 to 18 GHz)18 GHz2 GHz2.0 to 18 GHzActiveSDLVA
SDLVA-315M362M-65-CD-1Buy Now-65 to 0 dBm (0.25 V @ -65 dBm and 3.5 V @ 0 dBm)50 mV/dB (±1.5 mV/dB) 100 Ohm Load3.75" x 1.5" x 0.5"-73 dBm Min (Video In) - Measured -80 dBm0.362 GHz0.315 GHz0.315 to 0.362 GHzActiveSDLVA

Surface Mount (SDLVA's)

Part NumberAvailabilityVideo LoadLogging RangeFrequency MaxFrequency MinStatus
SDLVA-1G20G-58-12-SFFBuy Now1 K Min-54 to +5 dBm20.0 GHz1.0 GHzActive

Bandpass Cavity Filters

Part NumberAvailabilityBandwidthInsertion LossCenter FrequencyStatus
BPF3D875-2D25-CD-SFFBuy Now2250 MHz2.0 dB Max - Measured 1.6 dB3875 MHzActive
CL7G-2G-CD-SFFBuy Now2000 MHz
7000 MHzActive
7CL1R3-100-CD-SFMBuy Now100 MHz @ 1dB1.0 dB P-P max.1300 MHzActive
7CL1340-155-CD-NFFBuy Now155 MHz0.5 dB max.1340 MHzActive
BPF-3G500M-500-SFFBuy Now500 MHz Typ2dB Max3500 MHz NOMINALActive
7CL7D86G-960-CD-SFFBuy Now960 MHz5 dB7860 MHzActive
BPF-3R275G-250M-SFFBuy Now3150 to 3400 MHz1.9 dB Max (at 3275 MHz)3275 MHzActive
12CL16500-1000-CD-SFMBuy Now1000 MHz2 dB16500 MHzActive
7CL9D66G-960-CD-SFFBuy Now960 MHz min.5 dB max. - Measured 0.63 dB9660 MHzActive
6CL9227D5M-180-CD-SFFBuy Now180 MHz typ - Measured 182.97 MHz1.0 dB typ - Measured 1.91 dB9227.5 MHz - Measured 9227.8 MHzActive
7CL8250-500-CD-SSBuy Now500 MHz0.8 dB8250 MHzActive


Part NumberAvailabilityHigh PassbandLow PassbandSizeCenter Frequencies, FoStatus
DP-1D2G-2D725G-CD-SFFBuy Now1.98 to 3.55 GHz0.5 to 1.82 GHz2.96" x 2.29" x 0.39"CH 1 - 1.2 GHz
CH 2 - 2.725 GHz

High-Pass Filters

Part NumberAvailabilityPassband Insertion LossCut-Off FrequencyPassbandStatus
HP2G-1780-CD-SSBuy Now0.8dB MAX1.78 GHz2 to 18 GHzActive
HP2D2G-1575-SFFBuy Now0.5 dB Typ / 1.0 dB Max2.2 GHz2.2 to 5.3 GHzActive
HPF130-140-NFF-50WBuy Now1.0 dB0.13 GHz0.13 to 0.55 GHzActive
HP3G55M18G-SMABuy Now1.5 dB Max3.55 GHz3.55 to 18.0 GHzActive

Band Reject Notch Filters

Part NumberAvailabilityPassband Insertion LossNotch BandwidthCenter Frequency, FoStatus
5BR5R65G-2R5G-CD-SFFBuy Now1.0dB500MHz5650MHzActive

Dielectric Resonator Oscillators (DRO’s)

Part NumberAvailabilityHarmonics & Sub-HarmonicsSpuriousOutput PowerOutput Frequency (fo)Status
DRO-9G-CD-1Buy Now-20 dBc Min-55 dBc Min+16 dBm Max. / +11 dBm Min9.0 GHzActive
DRO-9D7G-CD-1Buy Now-20 dBc Min-55 dBc Min+16 dBm Max, +11 dBm Min9.7 GHzActive

Digitally Tuned Oscillator

Part NumberAvailabilityFrequency DriftFrequency AccuracyFrequency MaxFrequency MinFrequency RangeStatus
DTO-6G18G-CD-1Buy Now±0.1 MHz/ºC Max - Measured ±0.1 MHz/ºC±5 MHz Max @ +25 ºC - Measured ±4.80 MHz18 GHz6 GHz6.0 to 18.0 GHzActive
DTO-6G19G-CD-1Buy Now±0.1 MHz/C Max. - Measured ±0.1 MHz±0.1% Max. @ +25C - Measured ±0.09%19 GHz6 GHz6.0 to 19.0 GHzActive

Frequency Synthesizer

Part NumberAvailabilityPower Output LevelFrequency Step Size, Nominal (LSB)Frequency MaxFrequency MinFrequency RangeStatus
PFS-618-CD-1Buy Now+10 dBm Min - Measured 12.91 ± 1.41 dBm100 kHz18 GHz6 GHz6.0 to 18.0 GHzActive

Phase Locked Oscillators (PLO’s)

Part NumberAvailabilityHarmonicsSpuriousOutput PowerOutput Frequency (fo)Status
PDRO-7519R95M-13DBM-SFF-ROHSBuy Now-20 dBc Max-80 dBc Max+13 dBm Min7.51995 GHzActive
PLDRO-12522R24M-13DBM-SFF-ROHSBuy Now-20 dBc Max-70 dBc Max in band13 dBm Min12.52224 GHzActive
PIA-25-CD-1-EXTBuy Now<-25 dBc<-60 dBc13 dBm Min25.0 GHzActive

Temperature Compensated DROs

Part NumberAvailabilityOutput PowerTuning RangeFrequency RangeStatus
TCDRO-12G-CD-1Buy Now18 dBm Min±10 MHz Min12.0 GHzActive
TCDRO-16G-CD-1Buy Now18 dBm Min±10 MHz Min16.0 GHzActive

Single Sideband Modulators

Part NumberAvailabilityRF Frequency RangeSizeIF Modulation Frequency RangeConversion lossFrequency MaxFrequency MinStatus
PSM-50M1G-CD-1Buy Now0.05 to 1.0 GHz6.0"L x 3.5"W x 1.0"HDC to 0.01 GHz10 dBm Max (See note 1)1.0 GHz0.05 GHzActive
PSM-0R5G2R5G-CD-1Buy Now0.5 to 2.5 GHz2.5"L x 2.0"W x 0.5"HDC to 0.5 GHz13.5 dBm Max (See Note 1)2.5 GHz0.5 GHzActive

Digital Phase Shifters

Part NumberAvailabilityPhase Shift RangeInsertion LossControl BitsFrequency MaxFrequency MinStatus
PS-360-3237-5-292FFBuy Now348.75°8.0 dB Max5-Bit TTL37 GHz32 GHzActive
PS-2D2G-360-CD-1Buy Now360°13dB Typ9-Bit TTL2.2 GHz2.17 GHzActive
PS-360-3237-8-292FF *Buy Now358.59°13.0 dB Typ8-Bit TTL37 GHz32 GHzActive
PS-360-DC-3 OPTION 618-15D *Buy Now360° Typ12.0 dB Max8-Bit TTL18 GHz6 GHzActive
PS-500M2G-8B-SFF *Buy Now360° - Measured 358.6°13 dB Max8-Bit TTL2 GHz0.5 GHzActive
PS-360-2433D5-6-SFF-1Buy Now360°5dB Typ6-Bit TTL2.433 GHz2.433 GHzActive

Analog Phase Shifters

Part NumberAvailabilityControl VoltagePhase Shift RangeFrequency MaxFrequency MinFrequency RangeStatus
PS-5G18G-400-A-SFF *Buy Now0 to +10 VDC400°18 GHz5 GHz5 - 18 GHzActive

Bi-Phase Modulators

Part NumberAvailabilityControl TypeVSWRInsertion LossPhase StatesFrequency MaxFrequency MinStatus
PS-90-4080 *Buy NowTTL2.0:1 Typ2.5 dB Typ, 3.0 dB Max0° / 180°8.0 GHz4.0 GHzActive
BPM-26D5G40G-180-292FF *Buy NowTTL2.0:1 Max, 1.5:1 goal5.5 dB Typ0° / 180º40.0 GHz26.5 GHzActive
PS-90-1020 *Buy NowTTL2.0:13.0 dB Typ, 6.0 dB Max0° / 180°2 GHz1 GHzActive
PS-90-2040 *Buy NowTTL2.0:12.5 dB Typ, 3.0 dB Max0° / 180°4 GHz2 GHzActive
PS-90-0510 *Buy NowTTL2.0:12.5 dB Typ, 3.0 dB Max0° / 180°1 GHz0.5 GHzActive
BPM-1840-180-292FFBuy NowTTL2.0:1 goal, 3.0:1 Max8 dB Typ0° / 180º40.0 GHz18.0 GHzActive
BPM-2G18G-180-SFF-MB *Buy NowTTL1.50:1 Max5.5 dB Max0° / 180º18.0 GHz2.0 GHzActive
PS-90-6012-HS15NS *Buy NowTTL2.0:1 Typ, 2.5:1 Max2.5 dB Typ, 3.0 dB Max0° / 180°12 GHz6 GHzActive
BPM-1G2G-1-SFFBuy NowTTL2.0:18.8 dB Max0° / 180°2 GHz1 GHzActive
BPM-2G6G-1 *Buy NowTTL1.8:1 Max2.5 dB Max0° / 180º6 GHz2 GHzActive
PS-90-8018 *Buy NowTTL2.0:13.0 dB Typ, 3.5 dB Max0° / 180°18 GHz8 GHzActive

Single Pole - Single Throw (SPST)

Part NumberAvailabilityInput PowerInsertion LossIsolationReflective / AbsorptiveFrequency MaxFrequency MinStatus
P1T-4G8G-75-R-SFF *Buy Now+30 dBm Max (Survival), +20 dBm Max (Operating)1.5 dB typ - Measured 1.302 dB75 dB min - Measured 94 dBAbsorptive8 GHz4 GHzActive
P1T-1218-55-T-SFFBuy NowCW +25 dBm Max2.5 dB Max60 dB MinAbsorptive18.0 GHz12.0 GHzActive
P1T-0R5G18G-55-R-SFF-PN *Buy Now+20 dBm CW max3.0 dB typ - Measured 2.56 dB55 dB min - Measured 62.43 dBReflective18 GHz0.5 GHzActive
P1T-1G18G-65-T-SFF *Buy Now+30 dBm Max (Survival),
+20 dBm Max (Operating)
3 dB Max - Measured 2.88 dB65 dB Min - Measured 81.0 dBAbsorptive18 GHz1 GHzActive
P1T-10M1G-80-R-SFF *Buy Now+30 dBm max (Survival), +20 dBm max (Operating)1.0 dB typ. - Measured 0.64 dB80 dB typ. - Measured 81.74 dBReflective1 GHz0.01 GHzActive
P1T-1G2G-85-T-SFF *Buy Now+30 dBm max (Survival), +20 dBm max (Operating)0.9 dB typ. - Measured 0.58 dB80 dB min - Measured 88.79 dBAbsorptive2 GHz1 GHzActive
P1T-500M40G-55-T-292FF *Buy Now+20 dBm CW Max5.5 dB Max - Measured 5.13 dB74 dB Typ, 55 dB Min - Measured 74.96 dBAbsorptive40 GHz0.5 GHzActive
P1T-4G8G-75-T-SFF *Buy Now+30 dBm Max (Survival), +20 dBm Max (Operating)1.8 dB Max75 dB MinAbsorptive8 GHz4 GHzActive
P1T-12G18G-65-R-SFF *Buy Now+30 dBm Max (Survival), +20 dBm Max (Operating)2.5 dB Typ - Measured 2.32 dB65 dB Min - Measured 73.23 dBReflective18 GHz12 GHzActive
P1T-DC40G-65-T-SFF-1NS-OPT1G-SMABuy Now+17 dBm CW Max5.5 dB typ, 6.8 dB Max65 dB Typ, 55 dB MinAbsorptive1 GHzDCActive
P1T-1G18G-65-R-SFF *Buy Now+30 dBm max (Survival), +20 dBm max (Operating)2.5 dB typ - Measured 2.04 dB65 dB min - Measured 70.95 dBReflective18 GHz1 GHzActive
P1T-8G12G-70-T-SFF *Buy Now+30 dBm Max (Survival),
+20 dBm Max (Operating)
2.2 dB Max - Measured 1.9 dB70 dB Min - Measured 91 dBAbsorptive12 GHz8 GHzActive
P1T-0R5G18G-55-T-SFF-PN *Buy Now+20dBm CW max3.5 dB max - Measured 2.45 dB55 dB min - Measured 73.56 dBAbsorptive18 GHz0.5 GHzActive
P1T-2G4G-75-T-SFF *Buy Now+30 dBm Max (Survival),
+20 dBm Max (Operating)
1.1 dB Max - Measured 0.9 dB75 dB Min - Measured 95 dBAbsorptive4 GHz2 GHzActive
P1T-2G4G-75-R-SFF *Buy Now+30 dBm max (Survival), +20 dBm max (Operating)0.85 dB typ. - Measured 0.59 dB75 dB min - Measured 88.91 dBReflective4 GHz2 GHzActive
P1T-DC18-60-T-SFF-HSLVTBuy Now+20 dBm CW Max4.5 dB Max - Measured 3.3 dB55 dB Min (0.01 to 2.0 GHz)
60 dB Min (2.0 to 12.0 GHz),
70 dB Min (12.0 to 18.0 GHz)
Absorptive18 GHzDCActive
P1T-12G18G-65-T-SFF *Buy Now+30 dBm Max (Survival),
+20 dBm Max (Operating)
2.8 dB Max - Measured 2.6 dB65 dB Min - Measured 88 dBAbsorptive18 GHz12 GHzActive
P1T-10M1G-80-T-SFF *Buy Now+30 dBm max (Survival), +20 dBm max (Operating)1.3 dB max - Measured 0.65 dB80 dB typ. - Measured 86.02 dBAbsorptive1 GHz0.01 GHzActive

Single Pole - Two Throw (SP2T)

Part NumberAvailabilitySwitching SpeedInput PowerInsertion LossIsolationReflective / AbsorptiveFrequency MaxFrequency MinStatus
PEC-2D35G-20W-SFF-SPDTBuy Now100 ns goal, 350 ns max.20 W max. (Hot switching without damage2.5 dB typ., 3.0 dB max.40 dB min.Reflective2.5 GHz2.2 GHzActive
P2T-DC18G-10-R-5V-SFF-HIP10WBuy Now100 ns5 W CW max.4.0 dB Max 3.0 dB Goal10 dB MinReflective18.0 GHzDCActive
P2T-2G4G-75-T-SFF-PN *Buy Now100 ns Max - Measured 73 ns1 Watt CW Max1.2 dB - Measured 1.15 dB75 dBm Min - Measured 87.15 dBAbsorptive4 GHz2 GHzActive
P2T-8G18G-50-R-SFFFBuy Now200 ns40 Watts Max3 dB Max50 dB MinReflective18 GHz8 GHzActive
P2T-500M18G-60-R-1W-SFFBuy Now25 ns Max1W CW, 2W PEAK, 1% DC, 100 ns MAX (2-18 GHz)2.5 dB Max60 dB MinReflective18.0 GHz0.5 GHzActive
P2T-500M18G-80-T-55-SFF-1Buy Now50% TTL to 10%/90% RF, 25ns Typ+20 dBm CW3.5 dB Max80 dB tTpAbsorptive18 GHz0.5 GHzActive
P2T-500M40G-60-R-55-292FF *Buy NowRise: 15 ns max - Measured 3 ns, Fall: 15 ns max - Measured 3 ns, Delay On: 50 ns max - Measured 25 ns, Delay Off: 50 ns mas - Measured 25 ns+20 dBm CW max.5.5 dB typ. - Measured 4.22 dB55 dB min. - Measured 55.43 dBReflective40 GHz0.5 GHzActive
P2T-500M20G-50-T-5-12-SFF-I-SPBuy Now50 ns Max - Measured 37 ns Typ+23 dBm CW Max2.8 dB Max - Measured 2.52 dB50 dB Min - Measured 53.88 dBAbsorptive20.0 GHz0.5 GHZActive
P2T-2G4G-80-55-R-SFFBuy Now50 ns Min+30 dBm Max (Operating)1.3 dB Max80 dB MinReflective4.0 GHz2.0 GHzActive
P2T-8G11G-90-T-SFFBuy Now50 ns max. - Measured 15 to 20 ns+20dBm CW (Operating)2.5 dB typ., 3.5 dB max. - Measured 2.1 dB90 dB min. - Measured 104 dBAbsorptive11 GHz8 GHzActive
P2T-2G18G-65-T-SFFBuy Now100 ns max.+20 dBm max.3.0 dB max.65 dB typ.Absorptive18.0 GHz2.0 GHzActive
P2T-2G6G-65-T-SFFBuy Now100 ns max.+20 dBm max.1.5 dB max.65 dB typ.Absorptive6.0 GHz2.0 GHzActive
P2T-8G12G-70-T-SFF *Buy Now100 ns Max - Measured 49.6 ns+30 dBm Max (Survival),
+20 dBm Max (Operating)
2.2 dB Max - Measured 1.78 dB70 dBm Min - Measured 91.9 dBAbsorptive12 GHz8 GHzActive
P2T-12G18G-70-T-SFF *Buy Now100 ns max - Measured 49.6 ns+30 dBm max (Survival), +20 dBm max (Operating)3.5 dB max - Measured 3.07 dB70 dB min - Measured 79.8 dBAbsorptive18 GHz12 GHzActive
P2T-8G12G-70-R-SFF *Buy Now100 ns max - Measured 75 ns+30 dBm max (Survival), +20 dBm max (Operating)1.9 dB typ - Measured 1.66 dB70 dBm min - Measured 77.74 dBReflective12 GHz8 GHzActive
P2T-2G18G-60-T-SFF-PM-IBuy Now100 ns Max+30 dBm Max (Survival),
+20 dBm Max (Operating)
3.0 dB Max60 dB MinAbsorptive18.0 GHz2.0 GHzActive
P2T-10M1G-80-T-SFF *Buy Now200 ns Max - Measured 180 ns+30 dBm Max (Survival),
+20 dBm Max (Operating)
1.3 dB Max - Measured 1.19 dB80 dB Typ - Measured 81.10 dBAbsorptive1 GHz0.01 GHzActive
P2T-1G18G-65-T-SFF *Buy Now100 ns Max - Measured 49.6 ns+30 dBm Max (Survival), +20 dBm Max (Operating)3.5 dB Max - Measured 3.14 dB65 dB Typ - Measured 80.8 dBAbsorptive18 GHz1 GHzActive
P2T-0R5G18G-55-T-SFF-PNBuy Now100 ns Max - Measured ‹30 ns+20 dBm CW Max3.75 dB Max - Measured 2.61 dB55 dB Min - Measured 93.22 dBAbsorptive18 GHz0.5 GHzActive
P2T-100M50G-100-T-OPT40Buy Now50 ns Max20 dBm CW Max4.5 dB (0.1 TO 18 GHz) Max
6.0 dB (18 TO 40 GHz) Max
85 dB (0.1 TO 18 GHz) Min
80 dB (18 TO 40 GHz) Min
Absorptive40.0 GHz0.1 GHzActive
P2T-500M40G-60-T-55-292FF *Buy Now50 ns Max - Measured 40 ns+20 dBm CW Max - Measured +20 dBm CW6.0 dB Max - Measured 5.19 dB55 dB Min - Measured 70.87 dBAbsorptive40 GHz0.5 GHzActive
P2T-9K30G-60-R-SFFBuy Now1 µs Typ+24 dBm Max (+18 dBm Hot Switching Max)1.1 dB Typ (9 kHz - 10 GHz) - Measured 1.73 dB
1.4 dB Typ (10 GHz - 20 GHz) - Measured 2.49 dB
2.0 dB Typ (20 GHz - 30 GHz) - Measured 3.18 dB
65 dB Typ (9 kHz - 10 GHz) - Measured 57.19 dB
60 dB Typ (10 GHz - 20 GHz) - Measured 50.44 dB
60 dB Typ (20 GHz - 30 GHz) - Measured 48.75 dB
Absorptive30.0 GHz9.0 kHzActive
P2T-1G1R1G-25-R-SFF-100WBuy Now250 ns Typ - Measured 176 ns (50% TTL to 10% / 90% RF)100 Watts - Measured at 125.89 W CW0.8 dB Max - Measured 0.49 dB25 dB Min - Measured 40.09 dBReflective1.1 GHz1 GHzActive
P2T-1G18G-65-R-SFF *Buy Now100 ns max - Measured 31.6 dB+30 dBm max (Survival), +20 dBm max (Operating)2.5 dB typ - Measured 2.42 dB65 dB typ - Measured 74.15 dBReflective18 GHz1 GHzActive
P2T-4G8G-70-T-SFF *Buy Now100 ns Max - Measured 49.6 ns+30 dBm Max (Survival), +20 dBm Max (Operating)1.9 dB Max - Measured 1.78 dB70 dBm Min - Measured 119 dBAbsorptive8 GHz4 GHzActive
P2T-2G4G-75-R-SFF-PN *Buy Now100 ns max - Measured 72.6 ns+30 dBm max (Operating)0.9 dB typ - Measured 0.88 dB75 dB min - Measured 85.4 dBReflective4 GHz2 GHzActive

Single Pole - Three Throw (SP3T)

Part NumberAvailabilitySwitching SpeedInsertion LossIsolationReflective / AbsorptiveFrequency MaxFrequency MinFrequencyStatus
P3T-0R5G18G-55-T-SFF-PN-OPT218Buy Now100 ns Max3.8 dB Max55 dB MinAbsorptive18 GHz2 GHz2.0 to 18.0 GHzActive
P3T-500M40G-60-T-55-292FF *Buy NowRise: 15 ns Typ
Fall: 15 ns Typ
Delay On: 50 ns Typ
Delay Off: 50 ns Typ
6.0 dB Typ - Measured 6.83 dB60 dB Min - Measured 71.53 dBAbsorptive40 GHz0.5 GHz0.5 to 40.0 GHzActive
P3T-2G18G-70-T-SFFBuy Now150 ns3 dB Max70 dB MinAbsorptive18 GHz2 GHz2.0 to 18.0 GHzActive
P3T-8G12G-70-T-SFF *Buy Now100 ns Max - Measured 23 ns2.8 dB Max - Measured 1.9 dB70 dB Min - Measured 90 dBAbsorptive12 GHz8 GHz8.0 to 12.0 GHzActive
P3T-10M1G-60-T-SFF *Buy Now200 ns max - Measured 60 ns1.4 dB max - Measured 1.34 dB60 dB min - Measured 62.92 dBAbsorptive1 GHz0.01 GHz0.010 to 1.0 GHzActive
P3T-12G18G-70-T-SFF *Buy Now100 ns Max - Measured 49.6 ns3.75 dB Max - Measured 3.0 dB70 dB Min - Measured 73.22 dBAbsorptive18 GHz12 GHz12.0 to 18.0 GHzActive
P3T-8G12G-70-R-SFF *Buy Now100 ns max - Measured 29.4 ns2.4 dB typ - Measured 1.63 dB70 dB min - Measured 76.83 dBReflective12 GHz8 GHz8.0 to 12.0 GHzActive
P3T-500M40G-60-R-55-292FF *Buy NowRise: 15 ns typ, Fall: 15 ns typ, Delay On: 50 ns typ - Measured 43 ns, Delay Off: 50 ns typ5.5 dB typ - Measured 3.64 dB55 dB min - Measured 57.3 dBAbsorptive40 GHz0.5 GHz0.5 to 40.0 GHzActive
P3T-1G18G-65-T-SFF *Buy Now100 ns Max - Measured 49.6 ns3.75 dB Max - Measured 3.17 dB65 dB Typ - Measured 64.4 dBAbsorptive18 GHz1 GHz1.0 to 18.0 GHzActive
P3T-0R5G18G-55-T-SFF-PN *Buy Now100 ns Max - Measured 49.6 ns3.8 dB Max - Measured 2.17 dB55 dB Min - Measured 69.4 dBAbsorptive18 GHz0.5 GHz0.5 to 18.0 GHzActive
P3T-4G8G-75-T-SFF *Buy Now100 ns Max - Measured 55 ns2.5 dB Max - Measured 1.6 dB75 dB Typ - Measured 87 dBAbsorptive8 GHz4 GHz4.0 to 8.0 GHzActive

Single Pole - Four Throw (SP4T)

Part NumberAvailabilitySwitching SpeedInsertion LossIsolationReflective / AbsorptiveFrequency MaxFrequency MinFrequencyStatus
SWN-1170-4DT-SPBuy NowRise/Fall Time: 15 ns max.
Delay On/Off: 100 ns max.
3.75dB typ70dB minAbsorptive18 GHz0.5 GHz0.5 to 18.0 GHzActive
P4T-500M40G-60-R-55-292FF-SP *Buy NowRise/Fall Time: 15 ns max.
Delay On/Off: 50 ns max.
7.5 dB max. - Measured 4.7 dB55 dB min. - Measured 64.7 dBReflective40 GHz0.5 GHz0.5 to 40.0 GHzActive
P4T-0R1G20G-80-T-SFFBuy Now300 ns Max5.0 dB Max80 dB MinAbsorptive20 GHz0.1 GHz0.1 to 20.0 GHzActive
P4T-8G12G-70-T-SFF *Buy Now100 ns Max - Measured 49.6 ns2.6 dB Max - Measured 2.42 dB70 dB Min - Measured 75.55 dBAbsorptive12 GHz8 GHz8.0 to 12.0 GHzActive
P4T-500M40G-60-T-55-292FF-SP Rev. B *Buy NowRise: 15 ns Max
Fall: 15 ns Max
Delay On: 50 ns Max
Delay Off: 50 ns Max
8.0 dB Max - Measured 6.56 dB60 dB Min - Measured 74.66 dBAbsorptive40 GHz0.5 GHz0.5 to 40.0 GHzActive
P4T-100M50G-100-R-RDBuy Now50 ns Max5.0 dB (0.1 to 18.0 GHz) Typ, 8.0 dB (18.0 to 40.0 GHz) Typ, 14.0 dB (40.0 to 50.0 GHz) Typ70 dB (0.1 to 1.0 GHz) Typ, 100 dB (1 to 40.0 GHz) Typ, 80 dB (40.0 to 50.0 GHz) TypReflective50 GHz0.1 GHz0.1 to 50.0 GHzActive
P4T-0R5G18G-55-T-SFF-PN *Buy Now100 ns Max - Measured 69.8 ns3.8 dB Max - Measured 2.85 dB55 dB Min - Measured 75.71 dBAbsorptive18 GHz0.5 GHz0.5 to 18.0 GHzActive
P4T-1G2G-60-T-SFF *Buy Now100ns max1.2dB max60dB minAbsorptive2 GHz1 GHz1.0 to 2.0 GHzActive
P4T-100M53G-100-T-RD-185MMBuy Now50 ns Max5.0 dB (0.1 to 18 GHz) Max
8.0 dB (18 to 40 GHz) Max
14.0 dB (40 to 53 GHz) Max
80 dB (0.1 to 1 GHz) Min
90 dB (1 to 18 GHz) Min
75 dB (18 to 40 GHz) Min
70 dB (40 to 53 GHz) Min
Absorptive53 GHz0.1 GHz0.1 to 53.0 GHzActive
P4T-10M1G-60-T-SFF *Buy Now200 ns Max - Measured 166 ns1.5 dB Max - Measured 1.59 dB @ 0.01 to 0.2 GHz,
0.76 dB @ 0.2 to 1.0 GHz
60 dB Min - Measured 86.64 dBAbsorptive1 GHz0.01 GHz0.01 to 1.0 GHzActive
P4T-1G18G-70-T-SFF *Buy Now100 ns Max - Measured 52 ns3.75 dB Max - Measured 3.46 dB70 dB Min - Measured 71 dBAbsorptive18 GHz1 GHz1.0 to 18.0 GHzActive

Single Pole - Six Throw (SP6T)

Part NumberAvailabilitySwitching SpeedInsertion LossIsolationReflective / AbsorptiveFrequency MaxFrequency MinFrequencyStatus
P6T-2G18G-55-R-512-SFF-ROHSBuy Now+25 dBm CW Max7.0 dB Max - Measured 4.5 dB55 dB Min - Measured 73.7 dBReflective18 GHz2 GHz2.0 to 18.0 GHzActive

Single Pole - Eight Throw (SP8T)

Part NumberAvailabilitySwitching SpeedInsertion LossIsolationReflective / AbsorptiveFrequency MaxFrequency MinFrequencyStatus
P8T-0R5G18G-60-R-SFF-PN*Buy Now100 ns Max - Measured 42 ns4.0 dB Typ - Measured 3.57 dB55 dB Min - Measured 56.84 dBReflective18 GHz0.5 GHz0.5 to 18.0 GHzActive
P8T-2G18G-60-T-SFF-NSIBuy Now100 ns Max2.5 dB Max (2.0 to 6.0 GHz)
3.5 dB Max (6.0 to 12.0 GHz)
4.5 dB Max (12.0 to 18.0 GHz)
60 dB MinAbsorptive18.0 GHz2.0 GHz2.0 to 18.0 GHzActive
P8T-500M40G-50-T-55-292FF *Buy Now50 ns Typ. - Measured 25.9 ns10 dB typ. - Measured 9.0 dB45 dB Min - Measured 49.84 dBAbsorptive40 GHz0.5 GHz0.5 to 40.0 GHzActive
P8T-200M18-60-R-SFF-GRBuy Now100 ns Max0.2-6 GHz - 2.5dB Max
6-12 GHz - 3.0dB Max
12-18 GHz - 4.0dB Max
60 dB MinReflective18 GHz0.2 GHz0.2 TO 18 GHzActive
P8T-500M40G-50-R-55-292FF *Buy Now50 ns Typ.10 dB Max60 dB MinReflective40 GHz0.5 GHz0.5 to 40.0 GHzActive
P8T-0R5G18G-60-T-SFF-PN *Buy Now100 ns Max - Measured 42 ns4.5 dB Max - Measured 4.06 dB55 dB Min - Measured 56.09 dBAbsorptive18 GHz0.5 GHz0.5 to 18.0 GHzActive

Two Pole - Two Throw (XFER / DPDT)

Part NumberAvailabilitySwitching SpeedReflective / AbsorptiveIsolationInsertion LossFrequency MaxFrequency MinFrequencyStatus
PXS-1G2G-80-T-SFF *Buy Now100 ns max - Measured 30 nsAbsorptive80 dB min. - Measured 97.82 dB1.0 dB max - Measured 0.76 dB2 GHz1 GHz1.0 to 2.0 GHzActive
PXS-10M1G-80-T-SFF *Buy Now100 ns max. - Measured 213 nsAbsorptive80dB min1.3dB max1 GHz0.01 GHz0.01 to 1.0 GHzActive
PXS-1G18G-65-T-SFF *Buy Now100 ns max - Measured 49.6 nsAbsorptive65 dB min - Measured 70.2 dB3.1 dB max - Measured 2.72 dB18 GHz1 GHz1.0 to 18.0 GHzActive
PXS-2G4G-75-T-SFF *Buy Now100 ns max - Measured 38.8 nsAbsorptive75 dB min - Measured 98.14 dB1.2 dB max - Measured 0.98 dB4 GHz2 GHz2.0 to 4.0 GHzActive

T/R Switch Modules

Part NumberAvailabilitySwitching SpeedInsertion LossIsolationControl SignalFrequency MaxFrequency MinFrequencyStatus
PSM-1G1R1G-TRSW-2500WBuy Now250 ns typ. (50% TTL to 10% & 90% RF), Measured 422 ns0.8 dB Typ, 1.0 dB Max (J1-J2, Tx Mode),
0.8 dB Typ, 1.0 dB Max (J1-J3, Tx Mode),
Measured 0.81 dB, 0.6 dB Typ,
0.8 dB Max (J2-J4, Rx Mode),
0.6 dB Typ, 0.8 dB Max (J3-J5, Rx Mode),
Measured 0.49 dB
25 dB Min (J2-J3) - Measured 27.25 dB,
60 dB Min (J2-J4) - Measured 54.09 dB,
60 dB Min (J3-J5) - Measured 54.09 dB
TTL Logic1.1 GHz1 GHz1.0 to 1.1 GHzActive

Diode Detectors

Part NumberAvailabilityFrequency FlatnessVSWR In/OutFrequency MaxFrequency MinStatus
DD-20-218-5PF-1-N-M-OPT0518Buy Now±1.5dB Max, ±1.0 dB Typ3.5:1 Max18 GHz0.5 GHzActive
DD-20-218-5PF-1-N-FM-OPT0518Buy Now±1.5 dB Max, ±1.0 dB Typ. - Measured ±0.895 dB3.5:1 Max18 GHz0.5 GHzActive

Threshold Detectors

Part NumberAvailabilitySizeDetected Output TypeThresholdFrequency MaxFrequency MinStatus
TD-30T-SHS-218 *Buy Now0.8" x 0.62" x 0.4"TTLFixed18 GHz2 GHzActive
TD-30T-SHS-218-AMP-OPT4G4D5G-40DBMBuy Now2.5 x 2.0 x 0.5 InchesTTLFixed4.5 GHz4 GHzActive
TD-16G40G-20-292F *Buy Now1.00" x 0.62" x 0.22"TTLAdjustable40 GHz16 GHzActive
TD-30T-SHS-218-30DBAMP *Buy Now2.5" x 2.0" x 0.5"TTLAdjustable18 GHz2 GHzActive


Part NumberAvailabilityIsolationFrequency MaxFrequency MinFrequency RangeStatus
ISO-108M118M-20-NFFBuy Now20 dB min.0.118 GHz0.108 GHz0.108 to 0.118 GHzActive


Part NumberAvailabilitySize (Excluding Connectors)ConnectorsFrequency MaxFrequency MinFrequency RangeStatus
DBMX-618RF-418LO-DC4IF-20-SFFBuy Now0.80" x 0.59" x 0.41"SMA (F)20.0 GHz6.0 GHz6.0 to 20.0 GHzActive
IRMX-8G12G-50-33-SFFBuy Now2.00" x 1.35" x 0.58"
50.80 mm x 34.29 mm x 14.78
SMA Female12 GHz8 GHz8.0 to 12.0 GHzActive

Quadrature Hybrid Couplers (90°)

Part NumberAvailabilityIsolationPhase BalanceAmplitude BalanceFrequency MaxFrequency MinStatus
QC-7G18G-SFF-30W *Buy Now18 dB min - Measured 20.14 dB<±5° - Measured ±1.72°<±0.5 dB - Measured ±0.48 dB18 GHz7 GHzActive

Directional Couplers

Part NumberAvailabilityDirectivityCouplingFrequency MaxFrequency MinStatus
PDC-800M2D5G-30C-NFF-60W *Buy Now20 dB Min30 ± 1.0 dB2.5 GHz0.8 GHzActive
PDC-800M2D5G-10C-NFF-60W *Buy Now20 dB min10<=±0.8 dB2.5 GHz0.8 GHzActive
PDC-800M2D5G-20C-NFF-60W *Buy Now20 dB Min20 ± 1.0 dB2.5 GHz0.8 GHzActive
PDC-800M2D5G-30C-SFF-50W *Buy Now20 dB Min30 < ±1.0 dB2.5 GHz0.8 GHzActive
PDC-800M2D5G-6C-SFF-50W *Buy Now20 dB Min6 ±1.0 dB2.5 GHz0.8 GHzActive
PDC-2G18G-20C-SFF-50WBuy Now15 dB Min20 ± 0.7 dB Max18.0 GHz2.0 GHzActive
PDC-3336-6-20W-SFFBuy Now10 dB Min6 ± 0.7 dB Max36 GHz33 GHzActive
PDC-800M2D5G-10C-SFF-50W *Buy Now20 dB min10±1.0 dB2.5 GHz0.8 GHzActive
PDC-800M2D5G-6C-NFF-60W *Buy Now20 dB min6<=±0.5 dB2.5 GHz0.8 GHzActive
PDC-800M2D5G-20C-SFF-50W *Buy Now20 dB min20±1.0 dB2.5 GHz0.8 GHzActive

USB Style Amplifiers

Part NumberAvailabilityGain FlatnessGainFrequencyStatus
AMP-12-50M40G-USB *Buy Now±2.5 dB Typ - Measured ±0.45 dB12 dB Typ - Measured 12.53 dB Typ0.05 to 40.0 GHzActive
AMP-12-50M18G-USB *Buy Now±2.5 dB Typ - Measured ±0.41 dB12 dB Typ - Measured 13.22 dB Typ0.05 to 18.0GHzActive

USB Style Attenuators

Part NumberAvailabilityInsertion LossAttenuation RangeFrequencyStatus
ATN-30-100M40G-USB *Buy Now5 dB Typ up to 20.0 GHz - Measured <5 dB 8 dB typ. up to 40.0 GHz - Measured 6.4 dB30 dB - Measured 30 dB0.1 to 40.0 GHzActive
ATN-30-100M18G-USB *Buy Now5.0 dB Typ - Measured 4.9 dB30 dB - Measured 30 dB0.1 to 18.0 GHzActive

USB Style Switches

Part NumberAvailabilityPower & Control TypeOperating Input Power (dBm)Reflective / AbsorptiveStatus
P2T-500M18G-USB *Buy NowUSB 2.020AbsorptiveActive
P2T-500M40G-USB *Buy NowUSB 2.020AbsorptiveActive