PDPS-515G535G-360-2B Preliminary

PMI Model No. PDPS-515G535G-360-2B is a 2-Bit Phase Shifter with a switching speed of 300ns maximum (100nsec typical). Designed to operate at a frequency of 5.15 to 5.35GHz with a VSWR of 2.0:1. This unit has an insertion loss of 6.5dB maximum and a phase accuracy of ±6° maximum, 3° typical.

Product Specifications

General Parameters:
Status: Preliminary
Frequency Range: 5.15 to 5.35 GHz
Frequency Min: 5.15 GHz
Frequency Max: 5.35 GHz
Control Bits: 2-Bit TTL
Insertion Loss: 6.5dB typ
Phase Shift Range: 270°
Switching Speed: 300nsec max, 100nsec typ
Phase Accuracy: ±6° max, 3° typ
Phase States: 0, 90°, 180° and 270°
VSWR: 2.0:1
Power Supply: +5V @ 70mA typ, 100mA max, -15V @ 70mA typ, 100mA max
Size: 3.00" X 2.70" x 0.53"
RF Connectors: SMA(F)
Control & Power Connector: TTL Thru "D" Multipin Connector
Finish: Painted Blue
Environmental Ratings:
Temperature (Operating): -40 ºC to +85 ºC
Temperature (Storage): -65 ºC to +100 ºC
Humidity: MIL-STD-202F, Method 103B Cond. B
Shock: MIL-STD-202F, Method 213B Cond. B
Vibration: MIL-STD-202F, Method 204D Cond. B
Altitude: MIL-STD-202F, Method 105C Cond. B
Temperature Cycle: MIL-STD-202F, Method 107D Cond. A