Quantic PMI offers a portfolio of RF and Microwave Up / Down Converters that are designed for Industrial & Military Applications covering the frequency range up to 40 GHz.  Many options are available. Industrial & Military Applications include Radar Warning, ECM, ESM & ELINT; EW / SIGINT; Radar Test Equipment; Microwave Radio; and Instrumentation Modules.  All models can withstand stringent military ground or airborne environments.  Form, Fit & Function Services and custom designs.

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Part NumberStatusRF Input Frequency RangeRF Input PowerLO InputLO Input PowerIF Output RangeGain
Active4.4 to 7.8 GHz-15 dBm Typ, -10 dBm Max8.8 GHz+18 dBm Typ1.0 to 4.4 GHz3 dB Typ
Active7.8 to 11.2 GHz-15 dBm Typ, -10 dBm Max6.6 GHz+18 dBm Typ1.0 to 4.4 GHz3 dB Typ
Active11.2 to 14.6 GHz-15 dBm Typ, -10 dBm Max10.2 GHz+18 dBm Typ1.0 to 4.4 GHz3 dB Typ
Active14.6 to 18.0 GHz-15 dBm Typ, -10 dBm Max13.6 GHz+18 dBm Typ1.0 to 4.4 GHz3 dB Typ