Quantic PMI Comb generators are designed for wide range of uses in industrial & defense applications such as…

  • Broadband frequency synthesizers, where the high frequency signals act as stable references correlated to the lower energy references; the outputs can be used directly, or to synchronize phase-locked loop oscillators. 
  • Used to generate a complete set of substitution channels for testing, each of which carries the same baseband audio and video signal.
  • RFI testing, where their output is used as a simulated RF emission, as it is a stable broadband noise source with repeatable output. 
  • Compliance testing to various government requirements for products such as medical devices, military electronics, commercial avionics, and digital electronics.

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Part NumberRF Input Frequency RangeRF Input PowerOutput Frequency RangeOutput PowerInput VSWRRF Connectors
0.5 GHz+10 dBm0.5 to 26 GHz+3 dBm Typ 0.5 to 4 GHz
-5 dBm Typ 4 to 8 GHz
-15 dBm Typ 8 to 12.4 GHz
-20 dBm Typ 12.4 to 18 GHz
2.0:1 MaxSMA female - Removable
1 to 2 GHz0 to +5 dBm1 to 26 GHz-20 dBm Typ, See graph1.8:1 MaxSMA Female - Removable