PMI offers various models of coaxial In-line RF filters. All models are offered in our standard SMA tubular package which measures 1.31 inches in length. These filters are an excellent choice when signal filtering is required in a small space. Standard models are listed below, but other specifications are available. Please contact us to discuss your specific set of requirements.

Part NumberStatusTypePassbandCenter Frequency, Fo
ILF-1227-12-BPPreliminaryBand Pass Filters1215 to 1239 MHz1227MHz
ILF-1450-LPPreliminaryLow Pass Filters500 to 1450MHz975 MHz
ILF-1575-15-BPPreliminaryBand Pass Filters1560 to 1590 MHz1575MHz
ILF-1650-HPPreliminaryHigh Pass Filters1650 to 2300MHz1975 MHz
ILF-1900-27-BPPreliminaryBand Pass Filters1886.5 to 1913.5 MHz1900MHz
ILF-1910-LPPreliminaryLow Pass Filters1500 to 1910MHz1705 MHz
ILF-2400-HPPreliminaryHigh Pass Filters2400 to 3000MHz2700 MHz
ILF-2450-100-BPPreliminaryBand Pass Filters2400 to 2500 MHz2450MHz
ILF-2700-LPPreliminaryLow Pass Filters500 to 2700MHz1600 MHz
ILF-5500-725-BPPreliminaryBand Pass Filters5137.5 to 5862.5 MHz5500MHz
ILF-5875-LPPreliminaryLow Pass Filters4000 to 5875MHz4937.5 MHz
ILF-915-LPPreliminaryLow Pass Filters500 to 915MHz707.5 MHz
LF-500-LPPreliminaryLow Pass FiltersDC to 500MHz250 MHz
ILF-2400-LPPreliminaryLow Pass Filters2000 to 2500MHz2250 MHz
ILF-3100-HPPreliminaryHigh Pass Filters3100 to 7200MHz5150 MHz
ILF-3800-LPPreliminaryLow Pass Filters3000 to 3800MHz3400 MHz